Exclusive: Ryan Gosling Has Joined The Marvel Cinematic Universe

According to our trusted and proven sources, Ryan Gosling has joined Marvel and we have a pretty good guess who he is playing.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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With another day comes another exclusive scoop that another major movie star has signed up to be part of the MCU. This time around, our trusted and proven sources have told us that Ryan Gosling himself, the man who saved jazz, has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While we do not yet have confirmation on exactly who Ryan Gosling will be portraying at Marvel (or exactly when he might be showing up), we have a pretty strong suspicion. We think that Ryan Gosling is Marvel’s new Richard Rider, also known as Nova

Marvel Nova
Marvel Comic’s Nova
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

It was reported earlier this year that Marvel Studios has started work on a project involving Nova, everyone’s favorite energy-based space cop who is not Green Lantern. There have been no details yet as to whether the hero will be starring in a feature film or a Disney+ series, but we feel confident that is who Ryan Gosling will be playing Nova for Marvel in the future. There has already been some fan-casting online for Ryan Gosling to take on the role; while Nova is no one’s idea of a top-tier character for Marvel Comics, Gosling already has a reputation for taking on idiosyncratic roles. 

For example, before Ryan Gosling can make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is going to be starring as Ken alongside Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. The role of a plastic, blank-faced boyfriend doll is probably not first on the list for every major Hollywood star, but Gosling is not exactly everyone. Ryan Gosling is also set to star alongside a former (and maybe future) Marvel Cinematic Universe star in Netflix’s The Gray Man, Chris Evans. In that movie (directed by Marvel stalwarts the Russo Brothers), Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans both play trained killers with various degrees of interestingly bad facial hair. 

If Ryan Gosling is going to play Nova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he will be joining the more cosmic side of that shared universe. While there have been several versions of Nova throughout Marvel Comics history, Richard Ryder is the most popular version. He is usually portrayed as an ordinary human who is given the mantle and powers of Nova by a dying alien member of an intergalactic police corp and told never to say the words “Hal Jordan” (not really, but c’mon). The character fell out of use for some decades, but was recently revived in the comics and is often paired up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in some capacity. 

The known future plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe include journeys to space with Thor: Love and Thunder, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Marvels, and the Disney+ series Secret Invasion. That seems a lot of space to introduce a space patrolman with a certain charming shyness and the vibe that he would be a great boyfriend. If the MCU is going to keep exploring space (and reviving the Nova Corps after their destruction by Thanos), Ryan Gosling could be a pretty good way to go.