Ben And Jerry’s Is Getting Its Own Game Show

By Doug Norrie | 5 days ago

ben and jerry's

Ever thought you could create a new ice cream flavor, one that would rival some of the best the frozen dessert industry had to offer? Well, now you are going to get a chance to see how the sweetened milk fat gets made. A new game show is coming out, with ice cream makers competing to create a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor. 

Ben and Jerries: Clash of the Cones will premiere on both Food Network and Discovery Plus. Six different ice cream makers will get their dairy on over four episodes to come up with the next flavor for the Ben and Jerry’s line. Each will work to create a flavor based on a celebrity or person in pop culture.

Clash of the Cones will go down at the Ben & Jerry’s Waterbury, Vermont factory and will have a panel of industry experts as judges. Iron Chef America and Beat Bobby Flay star and celebrity chef Jet Tila will handle part of those duties. He will be joined by company flavor specialist Chris Rivard. There will also be a portion of the voting that will be open to the public as well. Molly Yeh will host the show. She’s a cookbook author and also the host of Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm. Kevin Bacon and Ludacris are among the celebrities who will also take part. The contestants are vying for the chance to brand a new flavor and take him a $20,000 cash prize. 

ben and jerrys

At present, Ben & Jerry’s has 54 flavors available and they’ve put on a masterclass in naming their different varieties along the way. Some popular ones include the Grateful Dead-themed Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, The Tonight Dough, Brewed to Matter, Half Baked, Karamel Sutra Core, and my personal favorite Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!

Ben & Jerry’s has been around since 1978 when Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield created the company in Burlington, Vermont. The two childhood friends opened up an ice cream parlor in the town which became popular among the locals. They would then go on to packaging their new creations a couple of years later, selling pints and ultimately franchising in the 1980s. It’s been an incredible upstart story for the company and its founders who’ve become synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit and branding throughout their many decades in business. 

Unilever ended up purchasing Ben & Jerry’s in 2000 though the company still maintains control over its different flavors and marketing decisions. Over the decades, the company and its co-founders have not shied away from political opinions over a variety of different topics, most recently supporting Bernie Sanders (another Vermont guy) in his run for the United States Presidency. 

You’ll be able to catch up with Ben & Jerry’s: Clash of the Cones when it premieres on August 16th. In the meantime, start dreaming up what flavors you’d like to see, or just chow down on some Ben & Jerry’s yourself. There are more than enough flavors already to find something you like. And soon, we will have one more to add to the list.