Ben Affleck Returning As Batman In An Unexpected Way?

Ben Affleck may have a plan for Batman's future.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Will the Snyderverse live on without director Zack Snyder himself? And if the Snyderverse dies out, what does that mean for the future of the actors and characters we’ve come to know? These have been big questions surrounding DC this year. A lot of the conversation has focused on Henry Cavill’s role as Superman, particularly since other movies with Superman have popped up starring other actors. But what about Ben Affleck’s Batman? According to one Reddit user, he may play Bruce Wayne again, just in an unexpected capacity.

Reddit user SpideyForever245 has become somewhat well-known on Marvel and DC spoiler communities for their leaks. Previously, they leaked the entire plot for Spider-Man: No Way Home. While we don’t yet know whether that will prove to be true, it was a detailed account of the ending of the movie. Now, the user has posted in /DCSpoilers that a friend of theirs works for Warner Bros and they’ve heard many details about Ben Affleck’s future as Batman. The first important detail is that SpideyForever245 heard someone at Warner Bros wants to see the Snyderverse continue in animated form. The second part of this is that they heard Ben Affleck told Warner Bros that he is open to voicing Batman in an animated project.

Does it make sense that someone at Warner Bros is considering a continuation of the Snyderverse in animation? Possibly. It seems unclear how this would work. Would this mean that there would be an animated series on HBO Max? It would seem like the studio would have a difficult time making it clear to audiences that the same characters they knew from Zack Snyder’s Justice League are the ones in the animated series. They can draw Batman to look like Ben Affleck and promote his name, but that will be a hard thing to communicate in their marketing to fans.

There’s another piece to this puzzle, though. Last week, insider Daniel Richtman shared that Henry Cavill is interested in playing Superman in animated form. He didn’t have any more details than that and didn’t connect this to the Snyderverse or Ben Affleck. However, could this be what Daniel Richtman was hearing about? Are both Cavill and Affleck letting the studio know that they’d be interested in voicing their characters for an animated Snyderverse? This is speculation, but a possible scenario where these rumors and leaks come together and make sense.

Right now, Ben Affleck is filming what may be his last live-action role as Batman in The Flash. We don’t know a lot about the official plot for sure but do know that it involves time travel, Affleck’s Batman, and Michael Keaton’s Batman. The appearance of Keaton in The Flash, after so many years since his last run as Bruce Wayne, proves that when it comes to superhero characters, there’s no telling when their “last appearance” will really ever be. We could end up seeing Affleck as Bruce Wayne in an animated Snyderverse. And while it may feel far-fetched, we could see Affleck playing the character when he’s 69 years old, as Keaton now is. We’ll be watching to see if more rumors, or official announcements, come out about an animated Snyderverse in the future.