Henry Cavill Has A New Way To Keep Playing Superman?

Has Henry Cavill found the right path to reprising his role as Clark Kent?

By Faith McKay | Published

Henry Cavill

Realistically, right now, Henry Cavill has everything in the world to be happy about. In his personal life, he is dating Natalie Viscuso and claims on Instagram to be quite happy about it. In his career, he’s leading a hit Netflix series with The Witcher, playing Sherlock Holmes for a second time around in Enola Holmes, and is about to reboot Highlander. Though it seems like the DC Extended Universe is moving forward without much in the way of plans for Cavill to continue as the Man of Steel, he can just let that go, right? Well, maybe not. Instead of looking at a Man of Steel 2 film, Cavill may now be approaching his iconic role as Superman in a new light.

According to what insider Daniel Richtman has shared with his Patreon page, Henry Cavill is now interested in voicing Superman in animated form. Richtman doesn’t share whether this interest came about because Cavill was approached or if he’s heard of an animated Superman project he could be a part of. He only says that this is something he heard Cavill is interested in.

This is interesting because it would give Henry Cavill the ability to play a character that clearly meant a lot to him. It’s strange though, since an animated series wouldn’t necessarily be part of the DC Extended Universe or be considered the same Clark Kent he’s been playing in the films for DC. So, Cavill would then be two different versions of the character we know so well.

superman animated series

There always seems to be room for another version of Clark Kent on stage. We have the comic book versions. Henry Cavill’s DC Extended Universe. Ta-Nehisi Coates is currently penning a script for a live-action Clark Kent for DC (though it won’t be part of the main cinematic universe). There are the DC comic books. We have Superman & Lois doing well for The CW. And so many other versions, past and present.

Just recently, HBO Max and Cartoon Network announced that they’ve purchased two seasons of an animated series called My Adventures With Superman. That series will center on Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as they get started as reporters for The Daily Planet. The series already has Jack Quaid, from The Boys, voicing the role of Kent. However, that doesn’t rule out another animated series for DC starting elsewhere with Henry Cavill’s talents behind the cape.

My Adventures With Superman

While we haven’t heard anything about plans for another animated series Henry Cavill could join, there’s nothing that necessarily rules this out. However, at a time when Cavill is doing so much to join new franchises and build brand recognition, doing voicework for a character he’s already played in live-action sounds like a strange use of his time at this point. He’s been ambitiously fighting for roles in a live-action He-Man. He’s made moves left and right to grow his fame and have his face seen in so many different projects, establishing himself not just in one role but in many. Why would he choose to return to a role he’s played before in a capacity where his face wouldn’t be seen?

If Henry Cavill is looking for an animated role as Clark Kent, it must be more of a passion project than anything else. Perhaps he just isn’t ready to let Superman go. And who can blame him? The role is iconic. We’ll have to wait and see if Cavill finds the right opportunity to make this happen.