Beetlejuice 2 Finishes Filming And Reveals Very Funny Surprise

By Robert Scucci | Published

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Beetlejuice 2 has wrapped production and is slated for a September 6, 2024 release, according to Yahoo Entertainment. Though production for the long-awaited and highly-anticipated sequel was indefinitely halted over the summer due to the recently resolved SAG-AFTRA strike, Tim Burton stated that the Michael Keaton starring film was 99 percent finished, and only required another day and a half of filming to wrap production.

It’s safe to say that the director was pretty on-the-nose, as production resumed on November 16, and wrapped just a couple of weeks later on November 30.

A Sequel That Sticks To Its Origin

Beetlejuice 2 is not only a direct sequel to 1988’s Beetlejuice, but reports tell us that it will also be its direct spiritual predecessor as well. Not only is much of the original cast and crew involved in the upcoming sequel, the legendary Danny Elfman composed the score, and the film will be very similar to its predecessor, stylistically speaking. In other words, we won’t be witnessing a by-the-numbers sequel that deviates from its source material, or replaces its principal cast with new actors who weren’t involved with the original film.

The Cast

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In addition to Michael Keaton reprising the role of Beetlejuice, Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara will be reprising their respective roles as Lydia and Delia Deetz. Beetlejuice 2 will also be graced with the presence of newcomers to the franchise, like Jenna Ortega, Willem Dafoe, Monica Bellucci, and Justin Theroux.



But perhaps the most exciting part about Beetlejuice 2 is that both Tim Burton and Michael Keaton have mentioned how the upcoming sequel won’t rely on modern special effects or studio magic to get its point across. Keaton was particularly excited over the fact that practical effects like using actual puppets, moving props with fishing line, and relying on the use of makeup artists over CGI took priority during the film’s production.

Michael Keaton Praises Beetlejuice 2

Michael Keaton Beetlejuice

Keaton has also suggested that creative liberties were taken on the screenplay in the form of riffing and improvising dialogue in the heat of the moment, giving the film a life of its own. The original Beetlejuice was chock-full of iconic interactions that were captured similarly, so it’s safe to say that even 35 years later, we’ll be blessed with the same kind of cinematic chemistry that has clearly stood the test of time. The Birdman actor also went on to say that he had more fun working on Beetlejuice 2 than he had while working on a film in a very long time. And if we’re to assume that everybody involved went into production trying to embody the same spirit that Beetlejuice established in 1988, then we’re in for a treat.

Beetlejuice 2 Releases Thee Decades After The Original

The original Beetlejuice was a critical and commercial success upon its 1988 release. Boasting an 86 percent critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, the film won an Academy Award for Best Makeup, and three Saturn Awards for Best Horror Film, Best Makeup, and Best Supporting Actress (Sylvia Sidney). If past success is any indication of future performance, then Beetlejuice 2 will likely be a massive hit upon its September 6, 2024 release.