See Nicole Kang as Batwoman’s New Poison Ivy

This is your first chance to see Nicole Kang transformed into Poison Ivy for the upcoming storyline in CW's Batwoman. She looks stunning

By Doug Norrie | Updated

nicole kang poison ivy batwoman

Batwoman has its new version of Poison Ivy and fans really couldn’t be happier about the move. In preparation for the mid-season finale of the popular CW series, Nicole Kang showed off her character’s new look for the masses. And it definitely hits all of the right notes. The series had been setting up the transformation over a few episodes with the clear intention of bringing Poison Ivy into the fold. And now it looks like the time is almost here. It’s definitely a new look for the character but it totally works. 

Nicole Kang took to Twitter to show off the concept art for her Poison Ivy. Though she hasn’t actually officially hit the small screen as the character yet, that is right down the pike with her character Mary Hamilton making the transformation after a medical mishap gives her the botanical powers in a recent episode. Check out the new look for Poison Ivy in what will be the first time an Asian actress has taken on the moniker in a live-action setting. 

Awesome. This new look is part of the transformation that’s been happening for her character of Dr. Mary Hamilton in Batwoman. Technically, Kang will be playing a version of Poison Ivy II with the “original” version of Pamela Isley coming into the fold as well. Bridget Regan is slated to take on that character later on this season. But Batwoman, as a series, has been careful about how they give certain characters powers. Showrunner Carolyn Dries commented on this recently in a statement (via TVLine) when she said, in part, “The fun part of making each villain’s powers transferable is that we get to do our own spin on the character — this one through the lens of what Mary would create: something heightened, playful, fashion-forward, and sexy.”

In this way, it will make it possible to have multiple characters take on the role of Poison Ivy on the series, especially if the powers are imbued through different means than a simple accident or experimentation. In Batwoman, Kang’s Hamilton is infected by a plant that puts her under Poison Ivy’s control. This transformation isn’t immediate, something that’s been somewhat slowly building over the course of Season 3. But this new art confirms that she will fully take on the look sooner than later. 

Of course, Nicole Kang isn’t the first actress to take on the role of Poison Ivy in a live-action setting. Most famously, Uma Thurman played the role in 1997s Batman & Robin. The camp factor on that movie was rather high though Thurman looked every bit the part. She played it seductively and was actually one of the only good aspects of that movie. And then in the series Gotham, Maggie Geha originally took over the role, this time as Ivy Pepper but then was recast in Season 4 with Peyton List taking the part. 

As far as movie versions are concerned, Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive recently that a Poison Ivy movie was currently in development and would enter the DC Extended Universe. Details are still emerging about this possibility and it would clearly be a different version of the character. Originally, it seemed we would see Poison Ivy enter the DC Universe in Birds of Prey or even the sequel, but that hasn’t come to fruition. For now, Nicole Kang is the reigning Poison Ivy and she looks every bit the part.