Marge Simpson Sarcophagus Discovered

By TeeJay Small | Published

At this point, The Simpsons has been on the air for so long that it almost feels hard to imagine a time before the jaundiced residents of Springfield were taking to Fox to deliver hilarious takes on modern life. Apparently, every-man stories such as The Simpsons are truly as old as time itself, as an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus has recently been discovered that appears to depict Marge Simpson. As bizarre as it sounds, the Marge Simpson sarcophagus is fairly unmistakable, touting the character’s iconic blue beehive hairdo and even her strapless green dress.

The Marge Simpson Sarcophagus

Per a write-up in Marca, the Marge Simpson sarcophagus can be dated back over 3,500 years, and was likely crafted during the “New Kingdom 20th Dynasty.” This information apparently comes from a now-deleted post on Reddit however, so definitely take it with a grain of salt. Still, if this discovery is 100 percent on the up and up, it would be quite surprising to see just how much worshipers of the Goddess Nut have in common with The Simpsons‘ art department and animators.

Yellow Skin And Blue Hair

A cursory search of other depictions of the Goddess reveal that she is often drawn with yellow skin and blue hair, though her hair is normally kinked at her shoulders, and not standing straight up like the Simpsons family matriarch. In fact, the only detail of the Marge Simpson sarcophagus that doesn’t look strikingly like Simpsons fan art is the fact that the sarcophagus drawing has five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.

One Of Many New Discoveries

The Marge Simpson sarcophagus is just the latest in a long line of new discoveries out of Minya, Egypt, where excavators have located an entire previously unknown cemetery for ancient Egyptians. Other remains from the site have been identified by archaeologists as mummified corpses of High Priests and other senior New Kingdom officials, proving that Marge was quite revered in her time. The coffin which contains the blue-haired Goddess likely belongs to the High Priest’s daughter, Tadi Ist, according to a papyrus scroll outlining the residents of the cemetery.

Headed To The Museum

The scroll, along with most of the excavated coffins and remains, are on pace to be transported to the Grand Egyptian Museum where they will be placed on display for visitors from around the world to admire. Additional objects recovered from the site include ancient pottery, wood sculptures, and other clay artifacts. Now children can marvel at relics such as the Marge Simpson sarcophagus while humorously offering quips like “I’ve seen this one at home on the TV, scolding her husband for eating too many donuts.

The Simpsons Didn’t Already Do It

This discovery has an extra layer of hilarity because The Simpsons is often credited with predicting things from the future within the show. While there’s a lot of debate regarding the authenticity of these so-called predictions, it has become a running gag to tag new events with the moniker “The Simpsons did it.” Now, it seems that the discovery of the Marge Simpson sarcophagus proves that the cartoon cannot predict everything, as sometimes, the real world predicts The Simpsons instead.

Source: Marca