Marvel Acknowledges Avengers: Infinity War Mistake That Affects Thor

By Douglas Helm | Published

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has over thirty films and multiple TV shows, so there is bound to be a continuity error here and there. While it’s pretty amazing that they’ve been able to avoid these errors for the most part, dedicated fans have noticed that Avengers: Infinity War made a bit of a goof regarding Thor’s age. When Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy, he tells Rocket Raccoon that he is 1,500 years old, which contradicts the fact that Thor was just a kid during the Battle of Tonsberg in 965 AD.

Miss Minutes Acknowledges The Mistake

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe recently acknowledged this Avengers: Infinity War mistake in a cheeky and winking way in the book Marvel Studios’ The Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Official Timeline, where Loki’s Miss Minutes tells us, “Why, hello! Thor says he’s 1500 years old, but wasn’t he just a baby around 696 CE? I’d have an answer for y’all now, but Casey just spilled coffee all over the mainframe, bless his heart (via Screen Geek).”

What Is Thor’s Real Age?

It’s not like the MCU is going to take the time to go back to Avengers: Infinity War and edit the scene to correct this fairly minor mistake, so this is a good way to acknowledge the continuity error while also skating right past it. It also, funnily enough, doesn’t reveal to us what Thor’s true age is, so that will remain a mystery for now. Fans could certainly take a rough guess based on the fact that Miss Minutes said he was a baby around 696 CE, but that doesn’t really give us a definitive answer.

Avengers: Infinity War also happens to be one of the best appearances from Thor in the MCU, so it makes sense that fans are paying special attention to his storyline when re-watching that film. While Thor’s first two outings in the MCU were average to downright bad, Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth brought a more humorous outing for the character in Thor: Ragnarok, which quickly made Thor a fan-favorite Avengers.

A Funnier Side Of The God Of Thunder

Thor Chris Hemsworth

Avengers: Infinity War then capitalized on this momentum by not only continuing to make Thor one of the funniest Avengers (see his side quest of traveling with Rocket and referring to him as a rabbit) but also one of the strongest and most badass (see his lightning-imbued entrance with the newly forged Stormbreaker).

Avengers: Endgame then went on to become one of the best MCU and most successful MCU movies of all time, along with providing a satisfying storyline for Thor along the way. However, the most recent Thor: Love and Thunder wasn’t quite as well-received as Thor’s recent outings, though it did leave his character open for more adventures in the future.

Will Thor Return?

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As Avengers: Infinity War showed us, Thor is one Avenger that is strong enough to come back time and time again. The fact that he’s also technically a god and that he can live to be well over 1,500 years old (even if that’s not his current age) shows that the MCU will either need to kill him off or find some other way for him to exit the MCU to realistically convince fans that Thor is done being an Avenger. Chris Hemsworth certainly seems to be open to returning as the character, albeit with the caveat that they don’t lean quite so heavily into the humor this time around.

Rewatch Infinity War On Disney+

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the MCU holds for Thor. You can stream Avengers: Infinity War on Disney+ if you want to revisit it. You can also see what Thor’s Norse god brother is up to in the second season of Loki, which is also streaming on Disney+.