Furious Sports Fans Have Ashton Kutcher Trending

Ashton Kutcher is trending among sports fans right now for an odd reason. He is about to be included in a major college football broadcast

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ashton Kutcher has some sports fans frothy right now, but it isn’t for a recent role or a new project coming up. No, it is for something much, much more benign than that (and those things are pretty much zeros). Kutcher is trending on Twitter right now because he appeared on ESPN’s College Gameday broadcast as a guest picker and apparently many weren’t interested in seeing him on a Saturday afternoon. 

The College Gameday broadcast on ESPN is famous for heading to campuses on Saturday mornings to air from the middle of a big tailgate before a major rivalry game. This week, the show took place in Ames, Iowa prior to the Iowa-Iowa State game. And each week they will bring in a celebrity to make picks before the game as part of a running segment. This week, Ashton Kutcher was that dude and fans had been speculating this would be the case during the week. ESPN made it official on Friday evening. Here was their Tweet:

Ashton Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and in 1996 enrolled at the University of Iowa. It was during his time at the university that he won a modeling scholarship, left for New York never to return to the college for actual classes. It was in 1998 that he landed the role as Kelso in That 70s Show and the rest is history. He went on to a huge Hollywood career and didn’t have use for the academic side of the college experience. But the sports side? He’s still a fan and is going to jump on to the show to do a little Iowa touting this weekend. 

Because sports fans are sports fans, this rubbed some folks the wrong way, not wanting to see Ashton Kutcher on the College Gameday broadcast, feeling like it was some kind of betrayal. Because the game is in Ames and Ashton Kutcher is on the wrong side of the rooting aisle, some feel like this is a grave injustice. But to his credit, Kutcher played up the moment. 

Look, this is likely exactly what College Gameday is looking to have happen. They want to bring Ashton Kutcher into the mix and have the absolute crap booed out of him in front of Iowa State fans. And he for sure knows what he signing up for here. This is the dude who did Punk’d for Pete’s sake. He’s used to facing up against folks in uncomfortable positions. There is clearly some part of him that absolutely loves this. 

These days Ashton Kutcher has been picking and choosing his acting spots while he manages a number of different investments and other ventures. He finished with The Ranch on Netflix and is completed on the James Franco-led The Long Home which also features Leila George and Josh Hartnett. And he’s also got a part in the BJ Novak directed Vengeance which stars Dove Cameron and Boyd Holbrook. For the meantime, he’ll have Iowa State fans irate.