Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained at Airport Over A Watch

By Douglas Helm | Published

Could you imagine if you worked airport security and had to detain the Terminator himself? That’s what happened when Arnold Schwarzenegger was briefly held at Munich airport after he failed to declare a luxury watch while traveling from the US to Germany.

The actor and former Governator was on his way to auction a custom Audermars Piguet watch at a fundraising dinner during a World Climate Summit in Austria.

Held For A Few Hours And Paid Massive Fine

While Arnold Schwarzenegger was held for a few hours, he was eventually released after he paid a whopping €35,000 in taxes and fines.

Apparently, this process also caused additional stress as the airport authorities attempted to charge his credit card for an hour before eventually having to draw cash from two different ATMs to get the full amount.

Schwarzenegger, understandably frustrated by the whole ordeal, spoke to the German newspaper Bild about the incident, saying, “This is the problem that Germany is suffering from,” adding, “You can no longer see the forest for the trees.”

Munich Defends Actions

Arnold Schwarzenegger Twins 2

However, the Munich customs office defended its actions, with spokesman Thomas Meister telling Bild, “The watch should have been registered because it is an import.”

Declaring items at customs can certainly be confusing, and it seems like even Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t immune to getting hit with some hefty fines. Hopefully, the watch will at least fetch a lot of money for a good cause at his auction.

Arnold Schwarzenegger In FUBAR

While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2024 is off to an inconvenient (and costly) start, the actor had a pretty good 2023.

Schwarzenegger starred in the Netflix show FUBAR last year, which was his first leading role in a scripted TV series.

The show draws a bit of inspiration from his classic film True Lies and stars Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro as a father and daughter who are both CIA agents who have hidden their occupations from each other for years. 

Other Productions Delayed

Although FUBAR was met with mixed reviews overall, the reception and viewer numbers were enough to net Arnold Schwarzenegger another season, which was green-lit back in June.

However, we might have to wait a while before we can see Schwarzenegger return to the big screen. The actor was set to begin filming his next movie, Breakout, last year, but production was delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Breakout Is Next

arnold schwarzenegger true lies

With the strike now resolved, we’ll hopefully get an update on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Breakout soon.

The film will see Schwarzenegger bring his action chops back to the big screen as it follows a man who must break his stepson out of prison after he is framed and sentenced in a foreign country.

Scott Waugh is directing the film with a script that is co-written by Nicole and Richard D’Ovidio.

No More Fines

arnold schwarzenegger

Unfortunately, we don’t have a solid release date for any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming projects.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Schwarzenegger will release for fans next. Hopefully, he won’t have to pay any heavy customs fines or spend hours at the airport in the meantime.

Source: HuffPost