Anne Hathaway Will Stop Aging In Her Next Movie

Anne Hathaway will take a weird turn in her next movie. She'll undergo a procedure to make her look younger, but it stops her from aging

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Anne Hathaway has played plenty of roles over the years, from cats to witches, from musicals to mind-benders. She has such an extensive resume and is one of the more talented folks going in Hollywood these days. It will be interesting to see if she can relate at all to her next role. According to insider Daniel Richtman, Hathaway’s next movie will see her playing an actress who undergoes a de-aging treatment that ends up having horrible side effects. We now know the description of her upcoming film, Shell. 

This next Anne Hathaway film will see her playing someone maybe a little too close to home as an actress who is possibly entering her Hollywood twilight years and not getting the parts she saw in her younger days. Feeling the pressure of stardom and the declining youthfulness that aging brings, she decides to get an experimental treatment to reverse some of this dreaded aging. Here’s a plot description from Richtman of the film Shell: 

“Samantha is an actress whose career is declining because she’s getting too old for many parts. She gives in when a company (The Shell Clinic) offers her a free “BI Treatment”, which stops the aging process. At first, Samantha feels young and beautiful but she begins to develop strange purple splotches all over her body. Eventually, she realizes that the company will do anything to stop her from badmouthing their product.”

anne hathaway

It’s a little unclear if this next movie is going to be more in the horror vein or comedy vein though I suspect it’s the former. With the Hollywood stakes always ramped up to the hilt on the talent side, it’s easy to see why many would feel the pressure to essentially freeze their bodies in time to make sure the good roles keep on coming. In this new movie, Anne Hathaway looks like she will succumb to that pressure with a considerable downside. It’s one thing to develop a kind of skin rash. It’s another to have the Botox-ish company threaten you with exposure. 

There don’t seem to be any other casting decisions for Shell besides Anne Hathaway in the lead role. Though with a description and a star attached it looks like we could get more news rolling in sooner than later. 

For Anne Hathaway, the actress is coming off a year that saw her star in a couple of movies though with decidedly different themes. She was in the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches which see her take an evil and creepy turn as the Grand High Witch. And she was also in the pandemic film Locked Down that sees her and her partner at odds after spending 2020 trapped in an apartment together. That leads them to plan a jewel heist. It wasn’t all that well received and had a feeling of being thrown together quickly to speak to the time. 

Next up for Anne Hathaway is a solid run of films that will keep her busy over the next couple of years. She’s been cast as Sally Hawthorne in the Sesame Street movie which will see the iconic cast of puppets being kicked out of their homes and put out on, well, another street for the first time. There’s also Bum’s Rush which will focus on her relationship with a dog who is voiced by Bill Murray. And finally, there will be James Gray’s Armageddon Time about 1980s Queens. It has an all-star cast of Cate Blanchett, Robert de Niro and Oscar Isaac.