See Andrew Garfield’s Revealing Comments On Spider-Man: No Way Home Appearance

By Doug Norrie | 14 seconds ago

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With Spider-Man: No Way Home seemingly right around the corner, speculation is at a fever pitch regarding just who is going to appear in this next iteration of the web slinger’s universe. With a not-insignificant number of villains already confirmed back for this next movie, eyes are now turning to the other versions of Peter Parker we have seen in the past. One of those, of course, is Andrew Garfield who played the part in two movies. Folks have been more than a little curious to see if he will make an appearance in this next movie and one curious onlooker even asked Garfield while he was on the red carpet. For fans, the answer was encouraging. 

While at the premiere of his latest movie, Tick, Tick…Boom!, Andrew Garfield is seen signing some autographs on his way into the building. Off-camera, someone tells Garfield that it would basically be great to see him back as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Andrew Garfield responds and doesn’t throw cold water on the idea right away. This could be some good news on this front considering he’s been somewhat adamant in the past about not having a role in the upcoming film. Check out what he had to say. 

Now, is “We’ll see” proof positive that Andrew Garfield is getting back into the spider suit and taking a webbed spin around the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time? No, of course not. And it could be that Andrew Garfield is simply sick of answering the question, choosing a new tactic that will just get him out of the line of proverbial fire for the time being. But there could be something there as well with ramped-up excitement about the idea that he and Tobey Maguire could be returning to reprise their respective roles in this next movie. 

Up until this point, Andrew Garfield has remained rather adamant that he isn’t appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Though there have been “leaks” that would suggest he is in the film, it hasn’t been confirmed by anyone from the studio and the actor himself has said it isn’t the case. But the speculation is there because Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is about to take a spin through the Multiverse and we already know characters from other versions of Spider-Man movies are going to be in the mix. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home will have Alfred Molina reprise his role as Doctor Octopus and Willem Dafoe is returning as Green Goblin. Those are both from the Tobey Maguire run as the character. From the Andrew Garfield-led Amazing Spider-Man films, Jamie Foxx is coming back as Electro while Rhys Ifans will return as Lizard. So we know that Holland is entering this universe’s version of the character.  

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Only time will tell if Andrew Garfield will make his way back onto the big screen as Spider-Man. At this point, fans will likely be more than a little disappointed if it didn’t happen considering the hype and hoopla around the idea. With the Multiverse making all things possible in the comic book world, it would truly be groundbreaking for all three versions of the character to show up on-screen at once. And like Garfield says, “We’ll see.” Spider-Man: No Way Home will hit theaters on December 17th. 

Andrew Garfield was asked, once again, about whether he would appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home and he gave a revealing answer