Ana de Armas Won A Prestigious Award That No One Actually Wants

Ana de Armas received a Golden Raspberry Award at the 2023 Razzies for Worst Actress as Marilin Monroe in Blonde, and ironically, she's nominated for a Best Actress Oscar as well.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

ana de armas
Ada de Armas in Blonde

Ana de Armas is nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, but the film itself has had a different trajectory. Despite Ana de Armas defending the film, Blonde was nominated for six Razzies, the awards honoring the very worst movies of the year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blonde took home two of the night’s most embarrassing trophies, the Golden Raspberries for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay.

Blonde was supposed to be an intimate, sensitive, human biopic about the late, great Marilyn Monroe. But what writer/director Andrew Dominik put together was largely interpreted as the very kind of exploitation the film sought to criticize. The Netflix film was rated NC-17 for its pervasive nudity and sexual content, and while Ana de Armas delivers an Oscar-worthy performance, the mishandling of tone earned the film its Razzies.

Also cleaning up at the ceremony were Worst Actor winner Jared Leto for Worst Actor for his performance in Morbius, Worst Director winner Machine Gun Kelly for his film Good Mourning, and Worst Screen Couple winners Tom Hanks and His Latex-Laden Face (and Ludicrous Accent) in Elvis.

This is Ana de Armas’s first go-around with the Razzies, despite a handful of bombs in her filmography. She started her career with films and TV shows in Cuba and Spain before moving to Los Angeles in the early 2010s. She landed her first American role opposite Keanu Reeves in the much-maligned Knock Knock.

She rose to fame with her role in Blade Runner 2049, which she followed up with Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, the 007 entry No Time to Die, and the Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man. A rise to fame has made Ana de Armas one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, and Blonde, despite its Razzies, maybe her greatest individual work yet.

ana de armas
Ana de Armas in Blonde

Blockbusters and action films shot Ana de Armas into the spotlight, but the actress is ready to leave those kinds of movies behind. She favors films like Blonde, which delve deeper into the human experience, than shoot-em-up action flicks. But before she can move on to starring in award winners (even if the awards are Razzies), she has two high-octane action flicks to debut first.

Apple TV+’s original film Ghosted is set to hit the platform this year. The film stars Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, a hopeless romantic everyman who, after being ghosted by the woman of his dreams, flies to Europe to find her. He quickly finds out the woman he is after is an international super spy, and thanks to a series of misunderstandings, the pair must traverse the globe together to thwart an insidious plot.

Ana de Armas will also face off with Razzies alum Keanu Reeves in Ballerina, a spin-off of the John Wick franchise. Plot details for the film have been kept under wraps, but she teased the film’s exciting action. Given the nature of its predecessors, the film will likely be another gun-blazing thrill ride.

Ana de Armas will attend the 2023 Oscars representing a movie that just won big at the Razzies, a position few actors ever get to be in. The juxtaposition proves that even the best acting cannot save a misconceived film. As Ana de Armas shifts to star in more intimate films, she hopefully finds scripts that match her talent.