See Chris Evans Turned Into A Damsel In Distress For Ana De Armas’s New Movie’s Trailer

Chris Evans is rescued by CIA agent Ana de Armas in the trailer for Ghosted.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

chris evans

Chris Evans is exchanging his tough-guy superhero persona for a more romantic, easily beat-up one in the new movie Ghosted, in which he co-stars with Ana de Armas. The new trailer for the film is the kind that essentially sets up most of the story, but actually does make a good case for the continuing chemistry of the former (and maybe future) Captain America star and the Blonde actress on-screen. However, in this case, it seems pretty clear the thesis of the film is: what if Chris Evans needed rescuing…by a woman? That would be wild, right?

Ghosted stars Chris Evans as a remarkably jacked everyman with the very normal name of Cole Riggan, who has a classic meet cute with a beautiful young woman named Sadie (Ana de Armas). In the first few moments of the trailer, it is established that they barely know each other, but somehow manage to have to kind of magical first date that involves pulling a pure white bedsheet over the two of you, because MPAA ratings.

It also establishes that Chris Evans is a bit of a schlub because he cannot figure out how the seatbelt in Ana de Armas’ car works, albeit the kind of schlub with inhumanly chiseled good looks that could cause him to play multiple Marvel superheroes and land a date with one of the most beautiful and glamorous women in the world. Chris Evans goes on and on to people around him (including The Mandalorian’s Amy Sedaris) that although it was just one date with Ana de Armas, he is pretty sure she is “the One.”

However, since she will not return his many, many texts (and allegedly does not have an international calling plan) Chris Evans decides to go full romantic comedy and fly to London to meet up with her, apparently without her knowledge. One thing leads to another, Chris Evans gets tortured, Ana de Armas rescues him and turns out to be a lethal CIA agent named the Tax Man, and adventures ensue. Pretty classic rom-com-action-comedy-thriller stuff.

chris evans

Ghosted actually looks like a pretty fun time and is clearly banking on the chemistry between Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, who have appeared together in films twice before. Previously, they were part of the ensemble cast of Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, which ended up being an English-language breakout role for de Armas and a crucial post-Marvel one for Evans.

Following that, they both starred in the massive Netflix action film The Gray Man alongside Ryan Gosling (who had previously appeared in Blade Runner 2049 with Ana de Armas, to keep score). Interestingly, while Ghosted was apparently developed with Chris Evans in mind, it was actually supposed to star his old Captain America: The Winter Soldier buddy, Scarlett Johansson until scheduling issues came up. 

Ghosted is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on April 21, and was directed by Dexter Fletcher and co-written by the Deadpool team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, along with Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers.