See Amber Heard Training For Aquaman 2 In Yoga Pants

Amber Heard has been in full training mode lately, getting prepped for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which is underway with filming

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Amber Heard is gearing up to return to the DC Extended Universe in a big way with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom starting production. And part of being a superhero on the big screen is being in peak physical condition off of it. That’s been the case with Amber Heard who has posted her share of workout videos along the way detailing the process it takes to be a finely-tuned hero in this universe. The latest video has her pulling off some pretty demanding movements on a set of rings. 

This video was posted to Amber Heard’s Twitter account and shows her doing a couple of moves that the average person simply couldn’t do even with time to prepare. Along with a trainer, Amber Heard does a complete turnover and then doing a full handstand as well. These aren’t easy to do but Heard makes it look pretty easy all things considered. It appears as if these trainings are part of her core regiment. Again, if you are going to play a superhero, you better be prepared to do the work off-screen (unless you are David Harbour). Check out the video Amber Heard posted on Twitter. 

All of this training for Amber Heard is in preparation for a possible expanded role in the Aquaman sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which is set to return us to Atlantis. There have been rumors that Heard will take on a bigger part in this story and that she is part of the DC Extended Universe with maybe even a solo movie at some point in the future. That second part is simply just a rumor right now but would make sense if they want to make her a core part of their franchise moving forward. 

The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom production started late last month and finally made it official that Amber Heard would be returning to the franchise. Director James Wan did this publicly with a social media post welcoming her back, though it did follow some question marks about her future with the franchise. That was coming off a tumultuous year for the actress that saw her locked in some high profile and somewhat embarrassing court proceedings with ex-husband Johnny Depp

The outcome of that time in court meant Johnny Depp losing gigs on both Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as Pirates of the Caribbean. Some felt Amber Heard should have received the same treatment, calling for her ouster from the DC Extended Universe. But she saw an expanded role with Zack Snyder’s Justice League hit HBO Max and now she’s firmly set in Aquaman. 

amber heard

And this wasn’t the only big news around Amber Heard either. She recently announced that she had become a mother, having a baby through a surrogate. She is proudly raising Oonagh Paige and has been documenting some of that journey as social media as well. In all, Amber Heard has so much going on right now, but is still making her physical fitness a major part of the deal. It’s paying off in a big way.