Amber Heard Feels She Has Beaten Johnny Depp And Is In The Clear?

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

amber heard

Amber Heard split from the established actor Johnny Depp, and ever since, her name has been in the headlines. Many fans of Johnny Depp would like to see her career end, to the point that millions signed a petition to have her removed as Mera from Aquaman 2 for DC. Despite that, she is currently filming the long-awaited sequel and things have continued on for her career, while Johnny Depp has been removed from Fantastic Beasts and is unlikely to appear again in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for Disney. Now, according to Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, Amber Heard feels that she won over Johnny Depp and her career is safe.

This is all the insider shared, so we don’t know how he heard this or how he knows what Amber Heard is feeling. From an outsider’s perspective, it could seem like she “won”, if winning, in this case, is defined by who gets to keep their career and who gets blacklisted. It’s a little difficult to use the word “winning”, when winning usually means coming out on top, getting away without harm or penalty, and generally coming away without consequences. Whether in her personal life or her career, it very much looks like the actress is still facing consequences.

Amber Heard currently has her comments locked on her Instagram because she continues to receive online hate, continues to regularly see her name as a trending topic because Depp fans want to cancel her, and many continue to want to see her fired from DC and are ready to orchestrate campaigns to see that happen.

amber heard

While Amber Heard is still working, it’s tough to say that her career is necessarily “safe”. It still seems like her life, and career, are heavily affected by the association with her ex. She is still involved in lawsuits with Johnny Depp. His attorneys continue to make claims about her claims. When studios decide to hire the actress on for a role, they’ll have to take into consideration that Johnny Depp fans may take issue with that. Whether it’s a decision by the studios or by Amber Heard herself, this seems like it will still be a factor for a long time.

In recent years, Amber Heard has managed to keep her role as Mera for Aquaman 2 and landed a role as Nadine Cross in The Stand. This is more than Johnny Depp has going for him these days. So at this point, one could argue that her career is currently ahead of his. Even if he’s technically been in a lot more projects in the past and his work as an actor is more well-known, he is less likely than she is to get new parts. Still, is her career safe? And does Amber Heard really think that? It’s hard to know what is going on in her mind, but it’s hard to imagine that she said she feels her career is safe when online campaigns continue regularly and she remains such a controversial figure in Hollywood.