Amber Heard Is Making Aquaman 2 Trend For A Very Bad Reason

Will she go away eventually?

By Douglas Helm | Published

amber heard

The legal drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has mercifully come to an end after taking over the news for what seems like forever. The court ended up finding both of the celebs liable for defamation, with Depp being awarded quite a bit more in damages than Heard, making the battle decidedly a legal win for the former Pirates of the Caribbean star. However, fans are not ready to let the battle go, as they’re still on a mission to get Heard removed from the upcoming Aquaman sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Witness their anger in some of the Tweets below:

Fans are taking extreme umbrage with the fact that Warner Bros isn’t backing down and removing Amber Heard from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In fact, rumors are saying that Heard actually has even more screentime than before. Initially, rumors said that Heard was almost replaced due to a lack of chemistry with star Jason Mamoa, so this seems like a weird 180 from Warner Bros if the rumor ends up being true. Heard herself say in court that her role had been pared down. Regardless, since none of us are involved in the filming and final cut of the movie, we’ll never know if she ends up having more, less, or the same amount of screentime she initially expected. Still, it seems these fans are going to be upset if her screentime isn’t pared down to zero seconds. Here are some more Tweets about the Aquaman boycott:

This is far from the first instance of fan backlash against Amber Heard. The aforementioned defamation trial was memed to oblivion, and you couldn’t go a day without hearing about something that happened or seeing it plastered all over the front page of YouTube. The fan demand for Amber Heard’s removal from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is so strong that a petition on is fast approaching 4.6 million signatures. According to, if the petition ends up hitting 6 million signatures, it will become one of the top-signed petitions on

Warner Bros has said that they don’t intend on giving in to fan pressure on this matter, but it’s always possible they could flip on that stance if they see enough support for the boycott on social media. While Warner Bros seems like they’re taking a hard-line stance, studios are all about the money, so it wouldn’t be too shocking to see a reversal. They ended up letting Synder do his Synder Cut of Justice League after fan pressure, so who’s to say something similar won’t happen with the Amber Heard situation.

No matter what your stance is on the matter, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is coming out one way or another. The movie is expected to release in March of 2023 barring any further setbacks. At this point filming is done, so all of Amber Heard’s scenes are finished. Whether or not they use them remains to be seen. The film is directed by James Wan and will continue Jason Mamoa’s story as Arthur Curry/Aquaman.