Johnny Depp Dropping $8 Million Damages Against Amber Heard?

By James Brizuela | Published

johnny depp

Johnny Depp won his lawsuit against Amber Heard last week, and the response to the actor has been overwhelming. The man thanked his droves of supporters and fans with a long post on social media and even joined TikTok to do the same thing with a video. According to Depp’s lawyers, he has been, “over the moon.” This elation that he has been feeling has led to a wild claim. Apparently, Depp’s legal counsel has hinted that he will drop the $8 million in damages if she stops her appeal. Basically, that would mean she has to 100% accept guilt and she won’t have to pay that massive amount of money.

According to Ben Chew, who represented Johnny Depp, “We have to be careful what we say, but this was about Mr. Depp’s reputation, that’s what it was about for him.” That makes sense, as the man had literally lost out on appearing in two of the biggest franchises due to the op-ed that Amber Heard had written about him. Depp had been fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and replaced with Mads Mikkelsen. He also was passed over for reappearing in the new Pirates of the Caribbean reboot that is currently in production. Based on winning the case and being dropped from those franchises, Depp had been awarded a total of $10.35 million in damages. He was awarded $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, but the state of Virginia has a $350,000 cap on punitive damages, so that had been reduced. Heard, on the other hand, would only have to pay $8 million, as she did win one countersuit claim of defamation on her end.

Since Johnny Depp won the case, apart from that small counterclaim of defamation that Amber Heard secured, he can continue with his life. It seems that he has already seen fit to do so, as he was shown in the UK joining Jeff Beck on stage for his most recent tour. The previously mentioned TikTok video showed some behind-the-scenes video of the pair rocking out with one another on stage.

To speculate a bit more about this shocking move by Johnny Depp and his legal counsel to drop the damages paid, should Amber Heard drop her appear to the loss in court, it would be more in favor of Depp. Although he has won the lawsuit, Heard dropping the appeal would more deeply signify that he was 100% telling the truth. This move might seem nefarious to outside perspectives, but all the man has wanted to do was tell the truth. That is the sentiment that he and his legal counsel have claimed from the start of the trial.

If this claim that Johnny Depp would drop the damages is true, then Amber Heard has a much larger decision to make. She would need to fully accept the guilt of defamation and not pay $8.35 million in damages. Or she can continue to fight this case and possibly drag it out for another loss, depending on how the court sees it. We will see how things turn out in the coming weeks. Both had claimed to “move on” despite the decision made in court, and it appears as if Heard is not living up to that claim.