Alien Series Adds Actress From Acclaimed Sci-Fi Stacking Epic

By Christopher Isaac | Published

The Alien franchise started back in 1979 with the release of Ridley Scott’s original classic, but even after more than 45 years later, it continues to break new ground. An Alien TV series will be coming to FX soon to expand the lore of the genre changing sci-fi horror series. And the latest news continues to be encouraging, with it now being released that Sandra Yi Sencindiver, of the show Foundation fame, will be joining the cast for FX’s Alien.


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Foundation quickly jumped onto many people’s radars when it debuted in 2021 as a fresh new entry in the sci-fi genre. The show just wrapped up its second season last summer and a third season has already been announced. Reviews for the show have been quite positive, so Sandra Yi Sencindiver capitalizing on that momentum by joining the Alien series is quite a positive sign for the faith people in the industry have in the project.

The Creator Is Involved

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While making an Alien TV series rather than a movie is an exciting change of pace, it could also be viewed as risky. Fortunately, Ridley Scott is also attached to the project as an executive producer, signaling that he also has confidence in the direction of the show.

Sencindiver’s Alien Role

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It is unclear what the extent of Sandra Yi Sencindiver’s role in the series will be, beyond it being said that she will be appearing in multiple episodes and that there is potential for her character to become more prominent as the show progresses. Her character will be a part of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

The Story

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As far as the plot of the Alien series, details are still light at this juncture, but we do know a few basics. The show is expected to transpire before the original film, and will be the first time the series features a story set on Earth.

Sydney Chandler will be in the starring role as a woman named Wendy. Early reports say the show will depict advancement of the androids that play such a prominent role in the franchise, often for both good and evil.

More Than One Season?

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It will be interesting to learn what exactly Sandra Yi Sencindiver’s character does in all of this. Based on the rumors that she could see her role potentially expanded, it could already be inferred that the Alien series is looking continue beyond one season. FX boss John Landgraf also confirmed this, stating that the desire is for this to be an ongoing show exploring the many facets of the Alien franchise that have still gone untouched.

No Release Date Yet

It is currently unclear when exactly the Alien series will debut, but it will likely still be a while yet with filming planning to continue at least until the summer. Early estimations are hopeful for a potential 2025 release, but nothing official has been stated. Still, fans of the franchise will get their fix this year thanks to the upcoming release of the movie Alien: Romulus. Romulus will be the first new entry in the series since 2017’s Alien: Covenant.