The Best Murder Mystery Streaming Series Is Headed To ABC

By TeeJay Small | Published

Fans of the hit Hulu original series Only Murders In The Building are currently awaiting a Summer 2024 release for the series’ fourth season. In the meantime, the show seeks to court a whole new audience of television viewers, by syndicating on ABC, according to Variety. The first season of Only Murders In The Building is set to begin airing on the cable network as early as January, giving fans plenty of time and opportunity to rewatch the show before the fourth season arrives.

Filming For Season 4 Begins In February

Only Murders In The Building is one of many television shows to be impacted by the recent WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which shut down production on nearly all Hollywood ventures this year. While the strike raged on, laborers engaged in a long and tumultuous battle with corporate executives regarding issues such as fair wages, benefits packages, and artificial intelligence protections. Now that the strikes have concluded and writers and actors alike can return to their posts, new episodes of Only Murders In The Building are set to begin shooting in February.

Season 1 Comes To ABC This January

In the meantime, previous seasons of Only Murders In The Building will begin airing Tuesday evenings on ABC, beginning with a three-episode premiere on January 2. Insiders at ABC have also confirmed that the newly syndicated episodes of the series will be edited for network distribution, including the bleeping or removal of cursing and other crude language. Despite these changes, the studio has assured fans that the show will be presented in its original formatting, without cutting scenes or making edits for time.

Only Murders Forces A Jeopardy Move

As part of the new programming block, Celebrity Jeopardy will be moved to an 8 PM time slot, in order to accommodate the Only Murders In The Building schedule. Only Murders In The Building will air in three-episode increments each week, from 9 PM until 11 PM each Tuesday, culminating in the one-hour season one finale on January 23. With any luck, these ABC outings will bring in a host of new viewers, while providing existing fans of the show a quick and easy excuse to catch up on what they’ve missed from previous seasons.

More Series Find New Homes On Cable TV

kevin costner

Only Murders In The Building is not the first streaming original series to be retroactively ported to cable networks in recent years. CBS famously took on the task of airing Yellowstone episodes earlier this year to make up for gaps in their schedule brought on by the strikes, which helped to put the massively popular Paramount network original series in front of a number of fresh new eyes.

Only Murders Already A Massive Hit On Hulu

steve martin

Of course, the Steve Martin and Martin Short-led series needs no assistance pulling in numbers, as Hulu data indicates the show is the most-watched original comedy series they’ve ever made. Pop star Selena Gomez stars alongside the iconic comedy duo in Only Murders In The Building, with guest appearances from A-list names such as Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, Nathan Lane, Meryl Streep, Michael Rapaport, and Matthew Broderick. The series has a host of Emmy wins and nominations under its belt, with a wide array of fans all over the world.