Will Smith’s Marriage Revealed As A Sham

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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As anyone who tuned into the 2022 Academy Awards show will know, Will Smith is a dedicated husband. After assaulting Chris Rock on stage with an open-handed slap after a joke about Smith’s wife, there was no question in anyone’s mind just how in love The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor was with his spouse. Except, that may not be the case after all as, according to Jada Pinkett Smith in an interview with People, the pair have been separated since 2016.

Jada Pinkett Smith reveals she and Will Smith have been separated since 2016.

Dropping the bit of info as if it was nothing at all, Jada Pinkett Smith told the interviewer that she and Will Smith are “still figuring [their marriage] out.” As it would turn out, the seemingly perfect married couple actually decided to separate six years before what’s come to be known as “the slap heard ‘round the world.”

While they haven’t fully moved into the realm of divorce, Pinkett Smith says they’re still separated, although they’re working on what she refers to as a “deep love”.

The pair were married in 1997 following a courtship after Will Smith was divorced from his first wife, Sheree Zampino. With drama following them everywhere they go, it’s kind of insane to now put things into perspective with the “entanglement” with R&B singer August Alsina was handled back in 2020.

The “Affair”

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Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith on Red Table

For those who may not know, Jada Pinkett Smith appeared in her series, Red Table, to address the rumors. Will Smith sat across from her and asked questions as she spelled out the ins and outs of her “affair” with the singer. However, knowing what we know now, it seems that Jada Pinkett Smith may have taken more heat for this one than she really should have. 

Even before August Alsina’s involvement, rumors were swirling surrounding the couple’s involvement with one another. Affair allegations had long been a part of their story, with whispers of the pair having an open relationship as well.

The Slap

During her interview, Jada Pinkett Smith also addressed the night of the Academy Awards during which Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock. Like many of us watching from home and the event attendees, Pinkett Smith also believed that she was watching some sort of planned “skit.”

She said that, in her mind, there was no way that her husband had taken out such aggression on the comedian, who was presenting an award at that moment, only realizing that the incident was very real when he returned to his seat.

Now, taking into account that the couple was separated during the time of Will Smith’s attack on Chris Rock, it’s even harder to understand what compelled the Oscar-winning actor to strut onto the stage and take out his aggression.

While it’s totally normal to have an angry reaction when a loved one has been the butt of a joke, physical violence is never okay. As for the pair’s future, it’s unclear if a divorce will come down the line or if they’ll be able to reconcile and reunite under better terms.