Toby Keith Reveals Heartbreaking Medical Diagnosis

By Matthew Creith | 14 seconds ago

toby keith

Country music has a long standing tradition of respecting the artists that have generated a lot of publicity and pop culture status for the American-made music genre. With singers that often straddle the line between songwriting and producing, country music artists tend to be a cut above the rest when it comes to talent and showmanship. Recently, there has been sadness with the loss of Naomi Judd, as well as the news that a popular fixture of the genre has been fighting his own health battles. Oklahoma born Toby Keith has an acquired skill of making headlines with his music and politics, but his latest news is a heartbreaking one to say the least.

According to a report from E! Online, Toby Keith has revealed that he is currently battling stomach cancer. The “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” singer took to social media to share the recent medical diagnosis that he has been struggling with for the past six months. In the post added to his Twitter account, Keith mentions that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and has been receiving treatment since his diagnosis. This treatment has included chemotherapy and surgery, which has apparently been going well enough that he is letting his fans know about this journey to recovery.

At the time of the announcement that Toby Keith has stomach cancer, he was scheduled to perform at various venues throughout the country, including state fairs that many country music artists are known for. One event, the Ohio State Fair, has let fans know that the singer will not be included in their lineup because he is still battling the disease, which was confirmed by The Columbus Dispatch. According to the “How Do You Like Me Now?” singer’s official website, several tour dates had been listed, but they have since been deleted and will most likely be postponed until further notice per Deadline.

Toby Keith rose to prominence within the country music industry starting in the early 1990s. The now 60 year old record producer, songwriter, and singer has become famous for his skill as a performer and writer. With hits like “Red Solo Cup,” “As Good as I Once Was,” “I Wanna Talk About Me,” and “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This,” Keith has become one of the most successful artists to ever hit country music. His rendition of “Beer For My Horses” with Willie Nelson is a hit song that kept the singer on top of the charts for several weeks in 2003, as just an example.

Toby Keith has previously dipped his toe in the acting world, as well as using his name and likeness in a host of business ventures, which may have surprised many of his fans. Keith participated in several commercials for Ford and Telecom USA, both as a singer in the background and on camera. His was featured in the 2006 film Broken Bridges, which costarred Burt Reynolds and Kelly Preston. His businesses have included Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, named for his 2003 hit song “I Love This Bar,” with restaurant locations that originated in Oklahoma and Las Vegas. The chain expanded to other locations in the U.S., but many of them closed for various reasons between 2014-2015.