The Rock Is Selling Shampoo Even Though He’s Balder Than Lex Luthor

By Jason Collins | Published

Celebrities turning into entrepreneurs seeking to cash in on their star power isn’t really a novelty, but we have to question whether things have gotten out of hand. Sylvester Stallone had his own line of high-protein pudding, and Trump sold overpriced meat. Don’t get us started on the Kardashians. Some things, however, are just too much for the public to handle without bursting into laughter, like Gwyneth Paltrow selling a candle that smells like her private parts, or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson releasing a men’s shampoo, despite having no hair.

Dwayne Johnson’s Papatui Men Care Line Includes Shampoo

Yes, that’s right. Fans of the “Brahma Bull” have been left in shock after coming across the Scorpion King’s shampoo line at Target, with the fans questioning whether the bald actor is the right person to launch a haircare product line. Many have even raised an eyebrow (pun intended) after spotting the Rock shampoo, claiming that the actor had no business promoting haircare products because of his own baldness. “My hair would’ve loved this,” says the Rock on the promotional material.

Is The Rock Being Offensive?

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That slogan alone is so good that we’re not even going to question the quality of the Rock shampoo or whether or not the iconic actor has any business promoting haircare products whilst also sporting a hairstyle of a cue ball. The whole situation is actually quite hilarious and perhaps a tad bit insensitive, considering the era we live in, the prominence of cancel culture, and social media being the echo chamber that it is. To some, the very notion of the Rock’s shampoo might be insensitive or outright offensive.

A Confidence Booster?

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Hair is often associated with youthfulness and attractiveness in many cultures, and losing hair can make men feel like they’re losing a part of their identity or youthful appearance, which can negatively impact their self-image. However, celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham sporting a bald head can have a positive impact on the self-image of men experiencing male pattern baldness. So, imagine the effects the Rock shampoo might have on those fans who are also experiencing early or onset balding.

It’s Great Marketing

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However, every coin has two sides, and the Rock shampoo, while seemingly pointless, actually excels at one thing—grabbing attention. Humor and surprise elements, like a bald man launching and promoting a haircare product line, are incredibly powerful tools in marketing. Additionally, haircare products aren’t just for your hair; they’re also for your scalp, and the hilarious advertising associated with the product also emphasizes the importance of scalp health, which is crucial to everyone, regardless of whether they have hair or not.

For those interested in trying out the Rock shampoo, the product is a part of Dwayne Johnson’s Papatui men’s skincare line, which was launched last month. In addition to advertising shampoo, which is perhaps the most hilarious and genius advertising move the Rock has ever done, the star also added that every Papatui product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, PEG (polyethylene glycol) free, and dye-free. Just like the Rock’s hair. You can make purchases at Papatui, or find the products in Target.