See Sofia Vergara Celebrating Mother’s Day In A Tube Top

By Michileen Martin | 14 seconds ago

sofia vergara

Considering she played Gloria Delgado-Pritchett for 11 years on the hit sitcom Modern Family, you might expect the lovely Sofia Vergara to spend her Mother’s Day with Ed O’Neill (Married… with Children), who played her much older husband. Of course, in real life Vergara is instead married to Joe Manganiello (True Blood), but she’s still a mother and she celebrated the day in style. While she was the one who deserved gifts on a day dedicated to mothers, she gave the world the gift of selfies looking how she always does: exquisite.

Sofia Vergara posted the shots to her official Instagram account yesterday. She wears a gorgeous gray tube top in the photos, taken at a Mother’s Day meal. With her in the photos is Vergara’s long time friend and photographer Barry Peele, ex-husband Joe Gonzalez, and her son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara. You can see those images below.

Sadly, Joe Manganiello doesn’t appear to be present in the photos but that’s likely for an understandable reason. Last month Deadline announced the Deathstroke actor would be joining Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman for the dark comedy thriller The Kill Room. Manganiello will play a hitman, Jackson is his boss, and Thurman will play an art dealer whose schemes inexplicably turn the hitman into the art world’s new darling. Principal photography was scheduled for the spring, so filming is likely underway. As much as Manganiello would likely love to be there with Sofia Vergara, considering her own career we’re betting she understands her husband’s absence.

In fact, Sofia Vergara isn’t exactly sitting on her thumbs while her husband makes The Kill Room. She’s in the middle of her first major live-action role since Modern Family shuttered in 2020. Vergara will play the infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco for the upcoming Netflix mini-series Griselda. Filming on Griselda began in January and from all signs has yet to wrap.

sofia vergara
Sofia Vergara in Griselda

In the first look image from the mini-series, Sofia Vergara is completely transformed. While the real life counterpart of her character was murdered when she was 69 years old, her name survives as one both terrible and inspiring. Known by names like Black Widow and the Cocaine Godmother, Blanco flourished in the illicit drug trade otherwise dominated by men. Cunning and merciless, Blanco is often credited for the assassination technique of motorcycle drive-by; which, ironically, is how she was ultimately killed in 2012.

Though it helped make her a household name, Modern Family could be acting as something of an albatross around Vergara’s neck in terms of casting directors not being able to imagine her as anything but her sitcom character. If it’s received well, Griselda could do a lot to help lift Sofia Vergara out of Typecast Limbo. Vergara is an executive producer on the project. Eric Newman — who has acts as producer on Netflix’s acclaimed Narcos series — joins her on the mini-series as EP, which is a good sign all around.