See Elizabeth Hurley In A Sexy Holiday Sweater

Elizabeth Hurley posted a new photoshoot with her dogs while wearing a sexy holiday sweater on her Instagram page.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

elizabeth hurley

There’s nothing sexier than an animal lover, and Elizabeth Hurley is a big one. In her latest Instagram post, the Bedazzled actress and fashionista poses with her dogs Shivraj and Minnie in front of a Christmas tree as she stuns in a red sweater and matching pants (which could also be one of the increasingly popular Christmas onesies that have become a fixture in family holiday photos, it’s hard to tell). She beams at the camera in several different snaps that also include her wearing festive faux antlers with comical Rudolph heads on the tips while her two dogs take turns wearing a candy cane headpiece.

Elizabeth Hurley’s caption reads: “Shivraj and Minnie are making the most of the last day of the Christmas decorations,” so this must be the official end of the holiday season in Hurley’s household. 

For those who follow Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram, you’ll know that this is one of her “tamer” posts. The 57-year-old actress is often in the news for posting envy-inducing snaps on her page that show off her toned body and ample assets. In one of her other recent posts, she posed in a flesh-colored, skin-tight, bejeweled catsuit to celebrate the new year.

According to People magazine, she wore the outfit to her New Year’s Eve party, where her equally stunning son, Damian Hurley, was also in attendance. Also, according to the entertainment magazine, that particular outfit brought back memories of another very particular outfit the actress turned heads with back in 1994. Back then, she attended the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral with her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant wearing a dress held together with safety pins. 

Elizabeth Hurley

This would come to be referred to simply as “the safety-pin dress” in style circles and was so iconic that she was asked to recreate the look in 2019 for Harper’s BAZAAR. Some say that that look is what helped to launch Elizabeth Hurley to fame, as she was not very well-known in Hollywood before that moment. “In those days I had no idea about fashion,” she said about her decision to wear the now-famous dress that night. 

Elizabeth Hurley also recounted that the dress, on loan from a PR agency, was “literally fished… out of a white plastic bag.” She took it home to get dressed and did her own makeup, struggling to get some mirror time around Hugh Grant, which she admitted was “very unglamorous compared to how things get done these days.”

It worked, however, and Elizabeth Hurley quickly rose to stardom, becoming an Estée Lauder spokesmodel in 1995 and appearing in films like Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me with Mike Myers and Bedazzled with Brendan Fraser and in series like The Royals on the E! network. 

Since 2005, Elizabeth Hurley has also had her own line of beachwear, which she models herself every summer. The Elizabeth Hurley Beach line was created with the intention of starting a business without disrupting her then-young son’s school schedule and ended up bringing the star even more fame and fortune. It also gives her another reason to show off her fit figure, so everyone is a winner!