See Elizabeth Hurley In A Stunning Dress Feeding A Fake Elephant

Check out Elizabeth Hurley feeding a fake elephant. While it might seem a bit odd, the actress and model had a good reason.

By David Harrison | Published

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While we typically see Elizabeth Hurley posing on Instagram in all manner of revealing clothing, things did get a bit different for the stunner on the social media platform this weekend. She still brings a certain je ne sais quoi (read: beauty) to all of her posts, but this one was of a different variety than most. In it, Elizabeth Hurley was taking part in a celebration honoring a majestic animal and she did so at a historic location meant to honor these beautifies. Did Hurley make herself the center of attention for the posts? Of course. Things can’t stray too far from the theme of her Instagram feed. But we did get a chance to see her in a white dress, surrounded by flowers and feeding an elephant statue as a way to honor the beasts. Check out the pictures and the video that were posted to Elizabeth Hurley’s feed and you can see why folks like what they saw. 

With some music in the background, we see Elizabeth Hurley at the Sudeley Castle in the United Kingdom which houses a number of different elephant statues on the premises. They’ve been there for more than a year now and are one of the many attractions on these grounds. Elizabeth Hurley didn’t say specifically why she was there taking in the sites, but it was clear she was excited for the change to be among these sculptures. She mentions @coexstience.story which helps support Elephant Family, a nonprofit that works to protect the habitat of the elephant and have them live with humans without being hunted. Hurley also makes mention of India in the post.

While Elizabeth Hurley fans might be a bit more used to her posting pictures that include string bikinis and other summertime fashion for which she’s known, this post certainly got enough traction on the platform. It was sitting at close to 14K likes at the time of this writing. The actress, model, and entrepreneur has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram and more than a few of them rang in with support for what she was doing in this one. Was she pretending to feed fake elephants that are really just sculptures? Sure. But in the grand scheme of things she at least seemed to call attention to causes that could benefit from this kind of exposure. So one could at least say it’s a win on that front. 

And this was all in honor of World Elephant Day which happened on Friday, August 12. Sudeley Castle hosted Elizabeth Hurley and others as part of the celebration seeing as how they have more than 30 on the grounds that form a trail for visitors to enjoy. So while the United Kingdom might not be the first place you think of when it comes to elephants, one can see why Elizabeth Hurley might have landed here to celebrate the “big” day. And it sure made for the right kind of photo opportunity. From Hurley’s perspective, that’s most definitely where her strong suit lies.