Scott Hall, Legendary Wrestler, Has Died

Iconic wrestler Scott Hall has passed away this week. It is a major blow for the wrestling community with his career spanning decades.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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The wrestling world was dealt terrible news on Monday with the announcement that Scott Hall had died. The 63-year-old had been one of the most-recognizable wrestlers and entertainers in the industry over a number of decades and his passing has been a brutal blow for the sport. His tenure spanned years and years with Hall taking on a few different personas in that stretch. He was a hall-of-famer who continued to participate and entertain in the sport even into the present. 

Earlier in the month, Scott Hall had suffered a broken hip that needed surgery to repair. It was during this procedure that an issue arose surrounding blood clotting which caused significant complications. And according to a number of different sources, after this Hall suffered from three heart attacks all on the same day. This sequence of events led to his health quickly and rapidly deteriorating to the point that he had to be put on life support. It was at this point that it was determined that he was not going to recover. Friend and former wrestling colleague Kevin Nash offered up a detailed and emotional update on Hall via Instagram. You can see it below. 

This wasn’t the first hip surgery for Scott Hall who also had a similar procedure back in 2013. At the time, the wrestling community had rallied to support their colleague and according to Bleacher Report, Diamond Dallas Page had led an effort to raise $80,000 to cover the needed medical expenses. It’s unclear if the complication surrounding this most recent surgery were connected at all to the previous one. 

Scott Hall first started professional wrestling all the way back in 1984 in the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) before moving on to the AWA (American Wrestling Association) shortly after. During this period he bounced around a bit with a few different organizations, eventually becoming the Diamond Studd for the WCW in 1991. This was the beginning of some branding around his look and persona that led to the next big move into the WWF in 1992. It was there that Scott Hall took on the persona of Razor Ramon and became one of the most well-known wrestlers of his generation. 

Scott Hall would wrestle as Razor Ramon in the WWF, taking part in a number of high-profile matches, and in 1994 took home the Intercontinental Championship belt after defeating Shawn Michaels. He then made a return to the WCW with the aforementioned Nash and wrestled as The Outsiders. Hall would wrestle under his own name and over the next couple of decades made stops at a number of different wrestling outfits and companies. He was a mainstay in the industry, wrestling steadily basically up until his passing. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice, once as a solo wrestler and again as part of the group New World Order. 

Scott Hall was a mainstay of the wrestling industry, one of the true faces of the sport over the last many decades. He will be missed.