Iconic Wrestler Daffney Dead After Terrifying Suicidal Livestream

By Tristan Zelden | 14 seconds ago

daffney unger

TMZ has confirmed the death of former wrestler Daffney Unger. The iconic wrestler, who is best known for her stint in World Championship Wrestling from 1999 to 2001, posted a video to her Instagram that signaled her current mental state and feeling of loneliness. Unfortunately, it was not long after that she was found dead. She was 46 years old.

A spokesperson at the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to TMZ the death of Daffney, but could not state either the manner or the cause of death.

Daffney, her real name being Shannon Spruill, was said to be found this morning (September 2), as confirmed by her friend and fellow wrestler Lexie Fyfe. Fyfe said that her friend had battled mental illness and other issues in recent weeks before her death. Fyfe then urged people struggling to seek help when possible.

Daffney Unger

The video in question was a live feed on Instagram on Wednesday night (September 1). Daffney asked viewers if they understood that she is “all alone.” Police were notified, but they had a difficult time finding her due to a recent move earlier this week.

The wrestling community has been shaken to the core by the death of Daffney. Shimmer Woman Athletes, an independent woman’s wrestling promotion, tweeted out a statement from Lexi Fyfe. It announced the death of the wrestler while urging people to keep in mind the privacy of the family.

Daffney’s mother also confirmed her daughter’s passing via Facebook and turned off comments from strangers on her post.

WWE Hall of Famer turned actor Mick Foley (The Peanut Butter Falcon) tweeted out his sympathy. He also urged people to reach out for help with the phone number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255).

Australian wrestler Indi Hartwell shared her thoughts on Twitter too. She clearly regretted Daffney’s loss and urged her followers that they are “never alone” and always “loved.”

The community has gathered to post tributes to Daffney and her long-standing career. Pictures showcase the wrestler in her most memorable outfits and highlights of kicking ass in the ring.

Daffney Unger launched her career in the World Championship Wrestling, where she played the impetuous girlfriend of wrestler David Flair, the son of former wrestling world champion Ric Flair. She was known for dying her hair, eye-catching outfits, and an iconic scream that gave her the title of the Scream Queen. In 2000, she won the WCW Cruiserweight title. Her characters included Shark Girl and even playing governor Sarah Palin. She went independent afterward and later took a brief hiatus to focus on acting. In 2007, she made another major splash by wrestling for the Shimmer Woman Athletes. She also performed for Nonstop Action Wrestling from 2008 to 2011.

Daffney is sadly one of the many cases of suicide as it is a major cause of death around the world. For anyone hurting, use the following resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255), Crisis Text Line (Text TALK to 741-741), and The Trevor Project (866-488-7386). Online options include BetterHelp, IMAlive, and Suicide Stop.