See Rita Ora Without A Shirt While On Tour

Rita Ora looks incredible in this scandalous look from her tour.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

rita ora

The Hollywood writer’s strike has many of us catching up on movies and shows we haven’t watched yet, especially because new scripted content is indefinitely delayed. When you run out of things to watch, though, there is always new music and new musical drama (just ask Ed Sheeran, who recently emerged victorious in a historic lawsuit). And just in case you haven’t listened to Rita Ora’s upcoming BMG album You & I, she is promoting the success of her single “Praising You” by uploading some sizzling new pics from her tour, including one where she forgot to wear a shirt.

Whether you love Rita Ora, fashion, or both, there is a lot to love in these pictures. We haven’t seen so many iconic outfits in such short order since Bryan Lee O’Malley was drawing Scott Pilgrim. And in the first image, Ora ditched the shirt and put on so many feathers and chains that she looks more extra than Scott’s own evil ex, Envy Adams (played unforgettably onscreen by Brie Larson).

Rita Ora’s fashion in the next two images is a bit more straightforward. She’s showing off ink as well as a slinky dress in the second picture, and this black and white photo makes it look like she walked right in from the set of an old Universal monster movie (or at least one of those early flashback scenes in Renfield). In the third image, Ora apparently had trouble deciding whether to dress for warm weather or cooler weather, and she combined a long jacket with the ultimate fashion accessory: long, long legs (no complaints here).

Things heat up in the next picture, in which Rita Ora exposes her midriff and transforms sunglasses and sagging pants into an entire vibe. The pic after this gives us a closer look at her “shirtless in chains” look that makes it look like she took style notes from the bad guy in 300. The next image is the polar opposite, showing Ora rocking a hoodie, jacket, and crazy tall boots (leave it up to her to look effortlessly glam even when dressing down).

rita ora

Rita Ora gets more fashion-forward in the next images, including one where she combines black leather and red sunglasses in a way we haven’t seen since the very first X-Men movie. The pic after that can only be described as “sexy tracksuit,” something we didn’t even know existed until she posted it. The image after that, meanwhile, made it look like she simply threw together jeans, a dress, a jacket, and some sunglasses, but she still looked like exactly what she is: a superstar.

For as hot as Rita Ora looks in all of these images from her tour, the last one really stood out to us because of her radiant and downright sublime smile. Rather than wearing a closet full of designer duds, the music legend is dressed head to toe in comfortable denim. It’s the perfect comfort clothing for a star on the go, and we love to see that she’s finding the quiet joys in life while serving all these killer looks.