See Rita Ora Free The Nipple On A Tropical Vacation

Rita Ora freed the nipple on a recent trip to Dubai.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

rita ora

Rita Ora has built a career off knowing how to make an entrance, and her recent pics on Instagram are no exception. Nominally, these pics were meant to showcase the good time the singer had when she traveled to Dubai recently to perform at the opening night for ZUHA Island by Zaya, a luxurious new resort located on a private island. And while the images certainly leave us wanting to have our own fun in the sun, all fans can really talk about is her underboob picture where you can totally see her nipple peeking out (maybe she was inspired by Sarah Michelle Gellar recently freeing the nipple).

In some ways, Rita Ora’s recent Instagram snaps are proof of how far we have come as a society. It feels like not too long ago, every other person clutched their pearls and pretended to be horrifically offended at the sight of Janet Jackson’s nipple emerging during the “wardrobe malfunction” at the Superbowl (although we did see The Flash trailer this year featuring Ezra Miller, the biggest boob of them all). Now, a singer casually frees her nipple on Instagram, and nobody can even pretend to be offended (possibly because they are too busy flipping through this sizzling gallery of pics).

While that nipple-revealing, barely-there shirt is what has fans talking, that was merely one of the scorching looks that Rita Ora decided to serve via social media. Other pics help showcase how talented the singer is at creating a coordinated look, even when she’s just chilling out on the beach. For example, her baby-blue shirt is the perfect complement to her baby-blue bikini bottom (though if you were too busy staring at her midriff to notice the fashion on display, we won’t hold it against you).

In some ways, though, it’s the photos showing the least amount of skin that are the most fascinating. For example, one picture has Rita Ora rocking sunglasses, a midriff-baring gold top, huge black boots, and what appears to be lingerie over some short-shorts, which themselves cover some men’s underwear peeking out above her thigh. She frankly looks like an anime character, and we can’t stop staring.

Rita Ora has another image in here that we’ve been calling “pouty in pink.” The singer has a chin in hand and sunglasses on, offering up an expression that transforms a simple pout into the kind of smirk that would have given Leonardo da Vinci a heart attack (move over, Mona Lisa). And she’s wearing a red top with a purple skirt, complete with sleeves that look like someone made an entire rainbow out of only violet and violet-adjacent colors.

All of this is a great example that Rita Ora is just out here living her best life (and leaving the rest of us dreaming of our own tropical vacations). Her last album came out in 2018, but she recently dropped the fire track “You Only Love Me” to hype up her upcoming third album. And if that album happens to have even a fraction of the heat that these Instagram pictures have, then it’s fair to say that nobody is ready, and may God help us all.