Glass Onion Was Almost Ruined By A Post-Credits Scene

Rian Johnson nearly ruined Glass Onion by not destroying the Mona Lisa, which would have been seen in a post-credits scene.

By James Brizuela | Updated

Glass Onion Leslie Odom Jr

For those who have not seen Glass Onion, look away, as this article will contain heavy spoilers for the movie. Rian Johnson recently revealed a post-credits scene that was cut from Glass Onion, which would have ruined the entire end of the new movie. According to Johnson, “We also shot a little coda which we decided not to use, with Blanc on the phone speaking French and getting a little affirmation of ‘ah, oui, oui, merci’ and cutting to an office in the Louvre where the real Mona Lisa is, with the security guards saying ‘well, back to work’…but that pulls a punch, I like that the real painting gets destroyed in the movie.”

What Rian Johnson is referencing with “pulls a punch” means that if the Mona Lisa was not destroyed at the end of Glass Onion, then the fallout of Miles Bron (played by Edward Norton) would not have been as bad. The entirety of the movie sees his billionaire status blown up at the last minute by Helen Brand, which includes the destruction of the real Mona Lisa, which had been on loan to him. Granted, she proved that his new Klear wonder fuel was massively dangerous but blowing up a priceless piece of art is what pushed things over the edge.

Miles Bron seemingly wins at the end of Glass Onion, as no one can prove that he murdered Duke Cody or attempted to kill Andi Brand but blowing up the Mona Lisa was certainly a power move that even he could not buy his way out of. That piece of art is meant to be priceless, and even though Bron has a ton of money, he would not have been able to get out of the trouble that is caused by destroying the Mona Lisa. Should that not have happened, he might have just bribed his way back to the top.

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Miles Bron could have got away with murder, considering that all the other guests at the Glass Onion were willing to stay by his side to boost all their selfish endeavors. However, it wasn’t until the Mona Lisa was destroyed that they realized he would no longer have the stranglehold over him that he did in the movie. If Johnson decided to leave that post-credits scene in the movie, then Bron could have weaseled his way out of the situation, especially considering he got rid of the only evidence that Andi was the brains behind Alpha.

Miles Bron was also very arrogant, and what better way to destroy his public image, than for him to look like a complete fool who destroyed the Mona Lisa? Again, Helen proved that Klear could be quite dangerous, but just showcasing that could have been spun as some failed testing that would have sent his team back to the drawing board. Alpha would have been fine, and the Glass Onion being destroyed could have been pegged as an accident.

It isn’t until the Mona Lisa is destroyed, that the rest of Bron’s cohorts realize that he cannot win, and they can likely all cut deals to keep their own heads above water. Glass Onion‘s entire plot lives on the idea that Bron is now going to be looked at as a fool, effectively sinking his entire empire. Thankfully, Johnson decided to keep the movie as is, which is great when the collective destruction at the end of the movie closes everything out for the seemingly untouchable Miles Bron.