Paul Walker’s Daughter Revealed Her Serious Medical Diagnosis

Here's what Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, has to say and how she's doing.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker, has been opening up with the public on her Instagram recently. A few weeks ago, she shared some very good news from her personal life. The 23-year-old shared that she had just gotten married. Now, she’s sharing some good news that reveals a long personal struggle that she is grateful to have behind her. Meadow Walker posted a photo from two years ago, revealing that she had a tumor, but that it’s been gone for two years now. She shared that she’s come a very long way.

You can see the photo Paul Walker’s daughter shared on her Instagram below.

Meadow Walker didn’t share more than what she said on her Instagram. There’s no evidence to suggest that Paul Walker’s daughter plans to share more in interviews or via her social media, so for now, this is all fans will know. The markers on her forehead are called fiducial markers. They are typically placed on the forehead by a radiologist. Before someone has brain surgery to remove a tumor, they would be placed on the forehead for an MRI. Paul Walker’s daughter didn’t share that’s what happened, but the caption and photos imply that the tumor was removed two years prior to the day of posting, which would imply a surgery when she was 21 years old.

She definitely has come a long way. On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker was in a fatal car accident. Prior to his death, he’d been most well known for his work in the Fast & Furious franchise. In the years since then, the cast members have reported that they work hard to keep his spirit alive both on set and in the movies. That’s been made a lot easier by the visits Meadow Walker pays to their movie sets. Some of the actors on set, like Ludacris, are hoping that she’ll agree to appear in one of the final movies for the series.

Meadow Walker has also started the Paul Walker Foundation and is the president of the nonprofit, which reports being committed to “doing good”. A lot of the foundation’s causes are related to environmental issues. She’s also working as a model.

Recently, Meadow Walker was married. As she is still close with the Fast & Furious productions and the people who work on them, several members of the cast were spotted in her wedding photos. Jordana Brewster was spotted in attendance. In fact, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker’s co-star, and close personal friend, walked Meadow Walker down the aisle. On the post where Meadow shared that she has been tumor-free for two years, many members of the Fast & Furious crew commented, including Vin Diesel, who posted an emoji with hands in prayer. It’s unknown who in her life was aware of her medical diagnosis and treatments. The comments are also full of her followers and fans commenting that they’re grateful she’s come through her experiences.

Today, it appears that Meadow Walker is a newlywed, heading up a non-profit in Paul Walker’s name, working as a model, and may possibly appear in the final movies from her father’s most popular work.