Alcoholic Mountain Dew Is Happening

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

mountain dew

Looking to get your buzz on and also have just tons of caffeine shoved into your system at the same time? You won’t have to wait long for another option on that front. The soft drink company Mountain Dew has partnered up with a major player in the brewing space and will be releasing HARD MTN DEW next year in the United States. Get ready to do the Dew in a way we haven’t seen quite yet. I wouldn’t say this is one of those signs of the apocalypse, but it sure does feel like one step closer to it at the minimum. 

This new alcoholic Mountain Dew is a joint venture between the soft drink company’s parent company Pepsi and Boston Beer Company which owns Sam Adams. The HARD MTN DEW drinks will come in a variety of flavors, some of which are already available in the dry version of the soft drink. And they will be a robust 5% alcohol by volume, meaning it won’t take much chugging to get you all the way there on this new beverage. The CEO of Boston Beer Works, Dave Berwick said, “We know that adult drinkers’ tastes are evolving…” which really feels like stretching it when referring to this new mash-up product. 

The sample canning images and marketing concept is right where you would think it would be for an alcoholic Mountain Dew. Some of the cans were displayed on Twitter this week, promoting all manner of graphically enhanced vicious animals and some of the zero sugar flavors fans and fraternity members can expect to power down. Check out what you are soon to see on shelves. 

This won’t be the first non-beer item that Boston Beer Company produces. They own Truly Hard Seltzer which along with White Claw have basically cornered the market in that offering. They also have a variety of other brands like Hardcore Cider, Twisted Tea, and Angry Orchard for those whose palettes don’t align with the barley and hops of Samuel Adams. Mountain Dew should fit right in with these other beverages. 

While not at the top of the proverbial soft drink mountain, Mountain Dew is definitely up there trailing only some of the behemoths in the space. Most recently, Mountain Dew was ranked only behind Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi, Diet Coke, and Dr. Pepper in terms of soft drink popularity. Boasting the most caffeine of the bunch at 54mg per serving, there could be quite a bit of energetic kick to these new hard versions of the soda. 

Considering the nature of the beverage industry and how it has moved on from the traditional beer, wine, and spirits mold, expanding into more branded drinks that do the mixing themselves, this Mountain Dew move isn’t all that big of a surprise. And they already have tons of flavors to keep this line rolling for years. The initial flavors are original, watermelon, and black cherry for the spiked versions. But Mountain Dew has all manner of other flavors like Whiteout, Hurricane, Berry Monsoon, and others that will surely make appearances at some point.