See Megan Fox Show Off Her Legs In A Satin Trench Coat

By David Harrison | 2 weeks ago

megan fox

Megan Fox is out there hawking a fashion line and her followers on Instagram seem to be the primary beneficiaries. It makes sense considering she has a massive following and has never had any issue donning any manner of outfit for the sake of publicity. Her more recent run through the social media landscape is no different with the actress showing basically everything the fashion line has to offer. Some of it seems accessible for the common person, others, not as much. Regardless, that isn’t stopping Megan Fox from showing it off and that was the case on Thursday with the latest post. 

Over on Instagram, Megan Fox has been promoting her partnership with Boohoo, a fashion company with all manner of offerings. That’s been the theme of late the most recent one was a trench coat though this isn’t the kind you’d see donned by private investigators, superheroes, or bygone businessmen. No, this is something entirely different, meant to not really protect from the elements as much as accentuate other parts of the body. This is something that Megan Fox is putting on full display. Check out what she posted on Instagram to see what I mean. 

Again, this Instagram post by Megan Fox is part of a set of scheduled reveals that has the actress modeling a number of different pieces from the most recent Boohoo fashion line. Some other pieces she’s posted include a dress that looked more like a disco ball than something you’d wear to an engagement as well as a two-piece that had more than a few see-through angles. Such is the nature of Megan Fox and her style, wanting to push some of the limits in these areas. It’s something she’s done throughout her entire career and doesn’t seem to be slowing down even in the slightest. This is Megan Fox’s second collection with Boohoo, with the first proving quite successful for the company.

Wondering what this trench coat from Megan Fox is going to set you back when it’s all said and done? Well, rest assured it isn’t going to completely break the bank. On the Boohoo website, this particular piece is listed for $90 and much of the rest of the collection is decently affordable (relatively speaking) considering who they have as their brand ambassador. Cheap? No. Outlandishly expensive? Also, no.

As for Megan Fox on the acting side, well it’s been a lot of work with mixed critical results over the last year or so. Her flick Til Death garnered some solid reviews for a performance that saw her in a bottle/ escape movie, out-maneuvering killers out to get her as part of a weird setup. But there was also Midnight in the Sawgrass and Good Mourning, both of which were with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. And both of which sucked. So, yeah, it’s a mixed bag. There’s a good chance we get a bounce back in some form when she’s a part of The Expendables 4, part of the ensemble cast of that franchise which has pretty much hit all the beats throughout its run.