Matthew McConaughey Reveals His Doubts On Run For Texas Governor

Matthew McConaughey is no longer alright, alright, alright with the possibility of becoming the governor of Texas!

By Carolyn Jenkins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Since March, famous actor Matthew McConaughey has toyed with the idea of running in Texas’ upcoming gubernatorial race. But the actor has not said anything more substantial since March beyond, “it’s a true consideration.” The actor never gave a definitive answer, and has continued to play coy. Now, after months, the actor is expressing some serious doubts about the idea.

In a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Matthew McConaughey seemed to not feel comfortable about the idea of running for Texas governor. “I’m a storyteller,” McConaughey said. “I’m a CEO. But being CEO of a state? Am I best equipped for the people in the state, and for my family and myself? There’s great sacrifice that comes with a decision.” Even though McConaughey is polling incredibly well (via The New York Post) the actor does not seem to be taking the decision lightly. He is weighing the options and taking this decision seriously. Screen Rant notes that while the Oscar winner confirms that he will be making a decision soon, the deadline to announce candidacy for office is December 13th.

In the past year, Texas has had some serious struggles. Being the only state on a separate power grid, Texas suffered a massive crisis when a large portion of the population lost power. The situation was then exacerbated when Ted Cruz went on vacation to Cancun (via CNN.) With the gubernatorial race coming up, there are a lot of questions where leadership in Texas will go. Beto O’Rourke has thrown his hat in the ring. O’Rourke he last made news after losing the senate seat to Ted Cruz. O’Rourke’s old life as a punk musician gave him attention when running for the senate. But after losing, he is making a bid for governor.  

Of course, if Matthew McConaughey decides to not throw his hat in the ring, he always has acting. The actor’s most acclaimed films include Mud, Interstellar, and Dallas Buyers Club. These more dramatic features are often referred to as the McConaissance, though even McConaughey himself considers the term to be a slight exaggeration (via IndieWire.) Regardless, the films that came out during this time were praised by critics and audiences alike. McConaughey won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ron Woodroof in 2013’s film Dallas Buyers Club. This was followed by True Detective, the HBO series that quickly became more than just a television series. In an interview with GQ, McConaughey credits his Oscar win to the publicity surrounding his portrayal of Rust Cohle. Rust quickly became iconic with his nihilist viewpoints and Nietzsche quotes. While that may have been a contributing factor, there is no doubt that McConaughey put in the work.

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If there is one thing that can be said about Matthew McConaughey, is that when he puts his mind to it, he gets results. In the actor’s new memoir Greenlights, McConaughey demonstrates interesting prose with humorous and heartening anecdotes. McConaughey may be stepping away from public office, but that isn’t to say that he will not continue to put out impressive and at times daunting work.