Marilyn Manson Lawsuit From Ex-Girlfriend Over Rape And Assault Just Took A Surprising Turn

A lawsuit filed against rockstar Marilyn Manson has just taken a very surprising turn. What does this mean for other accusations against him?

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marilyn Manson is mired in a number of different legal battles right now, with some of the allegations against him sounding pretty horrific. But one of his potential cases took a rather surprising turn this week when a lawsuit brought by an unnamed woman against the celebrity was thrown out of court by the judge. This is far from the end of Manson’s legal issues, with a number of different accusers claiming all sorts of crimes. 

This most recent development for Marilyn Manson comes after TMZ reports that a judge dismissed the lawsuit from Jane Doe citing the statute of limitations had passed on the alleged incident. The woman had claimed she’d been raped by Manson, but that the latter has somehow been able to repress her memory about the incident, allowing for time to pass beyond the allowed legal amount. Because of this, the judge dismissed the case, though did allow three weeks to refile if more evidence was presented. Marilyn Manson and his camp have denied the claim. 

Even if this case were to be completely thrown out, Marilyn Manson has other legal issues he is battling right now. For starters, Esme Bianco a former Game of Thrones actress is suing Manson for rape and assault following their relationship dating back to 2007. Part of her claims suggests human trafficking violations as well as sexual assault after she alleges Manson flew her to Los Angeles (from Britain) to take part in a music video.

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Bianco’s lawsuit against Marilyn Manson came in the wake of the aforementioned Jane Doe accusations. Bianco came forward with details around hers and Marilyn Manson’s (real name: Brian Warner) relationship and what she claims he put her through. You can read part of that claim in a Tweet she sent out back in April of this year.

Additionally, Rachel Wood has accused Marilyn Manson of abuse during their relationship together. She has accused him of grooming and brainwashing her at a younger age. Stories Wood has told involve terrible abuse on the part of Manson. She has not filed any charges though with these allegations also falling outside the statute of limitations. Her public denouncement was more in line with providing support for the other accusers who have stepped forward. You can see part of what Evan Rachel Wood said about her time with Marilyn Manson below: 

And finally, in an odder accusation, falling outside the realm of sexual abuse, Marilyn Manson also turned himself in to police earlier this summer on charges stemming from an incident in New Hampshire back in 2019. He was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault when a photographer claimed Manson spit on him while the former was in a pit area in the concert venue. The photographer had originally asked for $35,000 in compensation for what transpired. Manson is fighting those charges as well. 

In all, though Marilyn Manson had this most recent sexual assault case drop, there are more legal issues on the horizon for the (former?) rock star. We are sure to hear updates on the other cases soon enough.