See Lily James Splashing In A Pool In A Sheer Dress

Fresh off portraying Pamela Anderson during a very stressful portion of her life, Lily James is looking good splashing around in a pool.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Lily James

British actress Lily James is coming off high acclaim for her portrayal of 1990s sex symbol Pamela Anderson in the Hulu limited series Pam & Tommy, which certainly seemed to have been hard work. As such, it is hard to blame her for taking a moment to splash around in a pool, which certainly seems refreshing. Of course, this seems to have been for a photo shoot for Vanity Fair, but it probably was still relaxing to frolic around in a purple sheer dress in what looks like an extraordinarily beautiful Greco-Roman for a little while. Fortunately for us, Lily James posted some pictures of the shoot on Instagram, which means we can all enjoy it a bit. Check it out:

In the images, Lily James is wearing a sheer deep purple dress and seems to be having a ball splashing water at the photographer (credited as Nick Riley Bentham, who hopefully did not mind too much). Her long dark hair (which is tinted nearly auburn by the sun) was done by Danilo Dixon, while her tastefully understated makeup was by Fiona Stiles. In the second slide of the carousel, Lily James is in closeup, with a beaming smile and a large jeweled earring on display. It is quite the summer extravaganza. 

Lily James broke out to wide audiences with Pam & Tommy, which chronicled the 1990s scandal in which model/actress Pamela Anderson and rock drummer Tommy Lee had a sex tape stolen and widely publicized by a disgruntled employee. Reportedly, Lily James reached out to Pamela Anderson to do research for the role, but Anderson did not respond to attempts to contact her. According to sources close to her, Pamela Anderson will “never, never watch” the series, which has to be an odd feeling for Lily James. 

Prior to this Vanity Fair photo shoot and the Hulu limited series, Lily James was most famous for starring as the title character in the Disney live-action remake of Cinderella in 2015 (directed by Academy Award winner Kenneth Branagh). It was also one of the more positively received of the live-action remakes by Disney in recent years and grossed over $542 million at the box office. The next year, she starred in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which parodied Jane Austen’s 19th-century classic novel by adding, well, zombies. 

Lily James went on to star in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the ABBA jukebox musical film in which Meryl Streep’s ghost appears to sing a song, which has to be quite the experience to film. She also co-starred with Ansel Elgort in Edgar Wright’s crime heist film Baby Driver, which was highly praised for having a great soundtrack. Currently, Lily James is set to appear in the romantic comedy film What’s Love Got to Do With It? with Emma Thompson, who is legally obligated to appear in all British romantic comedies. Until the release of that film, it seems that you can find Lily James splashing around in fountain pools and that seems like a pretty good gig for anyone.