Larry The Cable Guy Being Cancelled For His Vaccine Viewpoints

It looks like Larry the Cable guy is trending with folks calling for a cancelling because of his thoughts on the Covid-19 vaccine mandates

By Doug Norrie | Published

larry the cable guy

Git-er-done, and canceled! That looks to be the case with comedian Larry the Cable Guy these days. The once-popular stand-up is taking a Twitter roasting for his stances on a variety of topics, namely vaccine hesitancy. Mr. Cable Guy started trending last week when he took to social media to post some questions and thoughts about the vaccine rollouts and mandates sweeping the country. He ended up trending when it was all said and done. 

For starters, Larry the Cable Guy has been somewhat outspoken over the course of the summer about what he’s thought about the vaccine and who should be getting it/ not needing it. Coming from a comedian, it’s sometimes tough to get a sense if the dude is looking for laughs or actually espousing his thoughts on Covid-19 vaccines. There is brand-building here, especially with a guy like Larry the Cable Guy who has a certain, well, gestalt with how he derives laughs from crowds. Here are a couple of Tweets he’s sent out in the past with his thoughts on the subject. 

Then, after jumping into some mentions on Twitter, asking questions about vaccines, and admittedly, mixing it up in those streets for a bit, he realized that he might end up on the losing side of the social media game with this particular line of thinking. 

Where he really go trending though was when doctors around the Twitter-sphere began piling on Larry the Cable Guy, wondering why folks would be listening to a comedian when it came to their health advice. This is the day and age we live in folks, a time when two groups of completely disconnected people (doctors and comedians) are cyber-duking it out over pandemic-related topics. If this isn’t the sign of the impending social apocalypse, then I don’t know what it is. Check out the MDs side of this thing when it comes to Larry the Cable Guy. 

Larry the Cable Guy came on the standup comedy scene in the 90s and early 2000s, using a “Git-r-done” catchphrase, some sleeveless flannel shirts, and a decidedly blue-collar vibe to rise to massive fame. He released a number of incredibly popular standup albums, hitting Platinum on A Very Larry Christmas and The Right to Bare Arms in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Even though his fame has subsided in recent years, it’s really only by comparison and he still maintains a massive social media following and is a solid live draw. He still maintains a steady touring schedule with several stops over the next few months. 

It will be interesting to see if these vaccine-related thoughts and missives by Larry the Cable Guy compromise any future work for him in bigger studios. He’s voiced the character of Mater in the Cars franchise and there was talk of a future project in that space. It’s currently in pre-production, but we’ve seen studios cut ties for a lot less than this. Time will tell if Larry the Cable Guy’s online antics run him afoul of those who cut the actual checks.