Kate Moss Is Testifying In The Johnny Depp Trial

By Vic Medina | 1 month ago

johnny depp

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in which the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is suing his former wife for $50 million in damages, is in its sixth week now. Though it feels like it may go on forever, in truth, there may only be a few days of testimony left, as the court time allotted to each side is running out. In true Hollywood fashion, however, the trial may end with a bang – and some unexpected star power – thanks to supermodel Kate Moss, Depp’s former girlfriend in the 1990s. Depp’s lawsuit claims Heard’s op-ed in 2018, which insinuated he abused her, cost him his career, notably the loss of roles in the Pirates and Fantastic Beasts movie franchises.

On Monday, Deadline dropped an exclusive report stating that British supermodel Kate Moss would testify at the trial, supposedly to bolster Depp’s claim that he was never physically violent with the women in his life. Moss was never considered as a possible witness in the trial, until a slip-up by Amber Heard while on the stand opened the door to the possibility. During her testimony, Heard recounted several instances in which she claimed Depp abused her and was physically violent. At one point, she recounted an instance in which she believed Depp was about to push her sister, Whitney Henriquez Heard, down a flight of stairs. She mentioned that in the moment, she “thought of Kate Moss” and in turn, struck Depp in an attempt to protect her sister.

The mention of Moss is significant because it allows Depp’s attorney to present evidence to counter her claim. There have been rumors for years that Depp was violent with Moss during their relationship, including one story claiming he pushed the British supermodel down a flight of stairs. Moss has denied the incident ever happened and is still friends with Depp today. This clip from the Law and Crime Network (which is covering the trial), outlines the moment Heard mentioned the Kate Moss incident. They also discuss how the reaction of Depp’s lawyers to the mention of Moss may indicate how they plan to use her testimony to their advantage. Depp’s attorney Ben Chew is seen fist-pumping in celebration of the Moss mention, knowing the implications.

Depp and Kate Moss dated from 1994 to 1997, and the relationship was marred with controversy and plenty of tabloid media coverage. An incident in 1994, in which Depp was arrested after he trashed his hotel room during a fight with Moss, received lots of press at the time. Depp paid for the damages to the hotel, and no charges were filed. Neither Depp nor Moss has spoken about the incident since, leading to lots of rumors as to what really happened. It seemed Heard, anxious to convince the jury of Depp’s violent nature, mentioned the Moss rumor to establish a history of abuse. However, considering Moss still considers Depp a friend, Heard’s ploy may backfire. Moss would have never been allowed to testify in Depp’s defense unless she became relevant to the testimony given. Heard’s mention of Moss now allows for her to appear and testify that Depp was never abusive, which could undermine Heard’s claims.

Kate Moss is expected to testify on Wednesday (May 25) via video link in the United Kingdom, and although she won’t be physically present in the courtroom, her testimony could have a huge impact. In addition, Warner Bros’ executive Walter Hamada is expected to testify on Tuesday that Amber Heard suffered no professional harm from the Depp lawsuit, which could undermine her countersuit against him. Interestingly, Hamada is now in charge of DC Films, which is releasing the new Aquaman movie, in which Heard appears. She claims her role in the film has been cut in response to the trial.