See Kate Hudson Kick Back And Show Off Her Legs In Sultry Video

Kate Hudson is returning to acting in a big way, and now she posted an elegant and sexy video on her Instagram page that shows off her amazing legs.

By James Brizuela | Updated

kate hudson

Kate Hudson recently took to her Instagram page to show off some long-laced heels that she has on. The innocent yet sultry video shows the actress showing off her new shoes while also showing her long legs as the camera pans up her body. It could just be a promo video shoot for the designer that she tagged in the video, Stuart Heitzman, but she gave fans and appreciators a very elegant and sexy look at herself. The shoes along with the short black outfit she is wearing paint a theme of relaxation and class. What is best is the song that plays in the background, “Close To Me”, by The Cure. It could have a double meaning considering the camera is very close to Hudson’s body. You can see the photoshoot below:

Kade Hudson not only looks fantastic in this outfit, but she also has some great music taste. The Cure is a fantastic band from the 1980s, and the actress wants everyone to get a little closer to her from the video and accompanying music. Hudson has a staggering 14.2 million followers on her Instagram page, and the above collection has well over 6,000 likes in the short time since it has been posted. Plenty of the comments on the post is blasted with heart and fire emojis. Those are certainly warranted as the 42-year-old woman looks amazing.

Kate Hudson has steadily been busy since she first appeared in Party of Five in 1996. She found fame and fortune from the countless romantic comedy films she was cast in during the 2000s. One of her most famous is that of portraying Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Lane is a hang-around for a famous rock band in the 1970s. From there, she appeared in further rom-coms like Fool’s Gold, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and My Best Friend’s Girl. Though she seemingly took a break from acting between 2017 to 2019, she has steadily worked her way back into the fold. Her most recent role was appearing alongside Octavia Spencer in the hit AppleTV+ series, Truth Be Told. The show was picked up for a third season in December of last year.

Kate Hudson is also set to appear in Shriver, which has been completed. She stars alongside Michael Shannon, Zach Braff, and Don Johnson in a film that sees a handyman being mistaken for a famous writer. The handyman is then asked to come to deliver a keynote address to students at a university. The film is expected to be out sometime this year. Hudson’s biggest role will be that of appearing in the upcoming Knives Out 2 sequel, though her role is known as of right now, much like the rest of the cast. Seems as if the actress is working her way back to the glory that she experienced in the 2000s. Posting a video of herself lounging in such an elegant way might also garner even more designers to reach out to the woman for more modeling opportunities. She truly does look great in those shoes.