Kate Hudson Steals The Spotlight In A Gorgeous Sheer Dress

If there were an Oscar for best after-party dress, she might get it.

By Michileen Martin | Published

kate hudson

Kate Hudson didn’t earn any Oscar nominations this year. Still, it didn’t stop her from making a stunning appearance at the after-party. The actress was there with her fianc√©, and it’s likely she left a lot of people thinking he was the luckiest guy in the room.

The actress posted images from her appearance to her official Instagram account on Tuesday. She appears in a sheer, black dress with an interesting origin. In a number of the photos, she appears alongside longtime boyfriend and soon-to-be husband Danny Fujikawa. As reported by Vanity Fair, the musician’s engagement to Kate Hudson was announced last September. You can see the photos below.

TZR points out that the look Kate Hudson is sporting — prepared with help of stylist Sophie Lopez — is actually a hybrid of two different runway outfits, both from designer Caroline Herrera. Hudson’s strapless bustier top originally premiered on the runway paired with black slacks. The pants-skirt was featured during the same runway premiere of Herrera’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, but worn with a cardigan. TZR notes that Herrera provided many of the looks shown off at this year’s ceremony and after-party, including those donned by Jessica Alba, Alexandra Daddario, and Zoey Deutch.

Sadly, it probably wasn’t much of a surprise to Kate Hudson or anyone else that she wasn’t honored with an Oscar nomination this year. Hudson only appeared in two films in 2021. The strange fantasy Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, while not exactly panned, was not a favorite among critics. Music, on the other hand, was released too early in 2021 to be considered, and besides was almost universally reviled by reviewers. Among other things, the film was accused of ableism in its depictions of autism. To date, Hudson has only been nominated once — in 2001 for her early role in Almost Famous. Hudson was the youngest that year to earn a Best Actress in a Supporting Role nomination, though the win went to Marcia Gay Harden for her portrayal of abstract expressionist painter Lee Krasner in the biopic Pollock.

Kate Hudson hasn’t been sitting on her laurels this year, Oscar nomination or no. One of the possible reasons she only appeared in one Oscar-eligible film in 2021 is because she was busy in a murder mystery series. She’s in the Apple TV+ streaming show Truth Be Told alongside Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). She plays a lifelong friend of Spencer’s, as well as an a successful author.

Hudson’s next two film projects share some interesting connections. Neither films have firm release dates, though both are set to premiere this year. Kate Hudson will be one of the new suspects Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc has to contend with in Netflix’s Knives Out 2. As reported by People, she’ll also be appearing sometime in 2022 in the comedy Shriver, and her co-stars will include some of the suspects from the first Knives Out. Hudson will play an English professor smitten by Michael Shannon’s lead, who is not the famous author Hudson thinks he is. Don Johnson will also star in the comedy, and both Shannon and Johnson starred in the acclaimed whodunnit Knives Out.