Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Her Intense Workout In New Video

Kate Beckinsale is one tough woman, and she has proven that by showcasing her impressive strength via a workout video on her Instagram page.

By James Brizuela | Updated

kate beckinsale underworld

It’s no secret that Kate Beckinsale is one tough woman. She proved that by appearing as Selene in the Underworld vampire movie series. She always looked fit and in plenty of form-fitting latex outfits for those movies. Now she has taken to her Instagram to show off quite an intense workout video. Whether or not she is just working out or if she happens to be training for a role in an upcoming movie, it is quite impressive. She is hanging upside down on a series of bars while she lifts herself up to do what looks to be like a sit-up. You can see the video below:

Kate Beckinsale simply posted a yellow heart emoji to pair with this video. It could signify all the yellow equipment that she is surrounded by or the fact that she loves that color. One thing is certain, she is all heart for being able to accomplish such a workout feat. She currently has 5.2 million followers on her Instagram page, and the above video has already achieved well over 270,000 likes and 718 comments. The comments reflect more people sending her yellow heart emojis or wondering how she is accomplishing this. One follower asked if she is training for another Underworld film. We would certainly like to know the answer to that as well.

Starring in movies every year was the usual thing for Kate Beckinsale, but it seems things have slowed a bit since 2019. While she had only appeared in The Widow series in 2019, her 2020 schedule saw no releases at all. This could have been due to the pandemic and the actress taking some well-deserved time off. She returned in 2021 with a film on Amazon Prime Video called Jolt. She plays the role of a bouncer named Lindy with some severe anger issues and dark secrets. Lindy wears a vest that shocks her if she becomes murderous, and it’s the only way to stop her from going on a rampage. It’s definitely a Beckinsale-type role and that is likely why she is able to do sit-ups while hanging upside down while 10 feet off the ground.

Kate Beckinsale is also set to star alongside Charlie Day in his directorial debut. The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star wrote, directed, and is starring in a film that was once titled El Tonto but has since been changed. There are no further updates about what Day has retitled the film into, but Beckinsale is appearing alongside a cast that includes Travis Fimmel, Adrien Brody, Jason Sudeikis, Katherine McNamara, Ken Jeong, Glenn Howerton, John Malkovich, Ray Liotta, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Jillian Bell, and Edie Falco. This is a massive ensemble cast.

It’s good to see that Kate Beckinsale has certainly not lost her footing in Hollywood and is going to be part of many projects going forward including another film after El Tonto called, Prisoner’s Daughter. She is likely just staying in shape to make sure she can beat everyone up on set. Whatever happens, don’t mess with her, or you might be at the wrong end of her impressive strength.