See Kate Beckinsale Sprawled Out On Top Of A Stone Lion

Our coverage of Kate Beckinsale plus odd animals continues with the Underworld actress hanging out with a stone lion.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

kate beckinsale

Our recent coverage of Kate Beckinsale interacting with some kind of wild animal continues, which would be odd if it were someone less delightful that the Underworld actress. Whereas we recently got pictures of Kate Beckinsale playing with a young fox in a garden, like some kind of very, very British Snow White (plus complaining about someone with very bad gas in a grocery store), this new picture is of her interacting with one of England’s other iconic animals: the lion. Check out this picture from Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram:

In this image, we see Kate Beckinsale lounging on the back of a lion, which would seem very dangerous. In this case, she is probably safe, because this particular lion is made of stone (much like someone’s heart would have to be to not find this charming). The national symbol of England has been three lions ever since the 12th century, but this might be less a patriotism thing and more a great place to pose. Kate Beckinsale is lounging on the back of the rocky king of beasts in a simple outfit of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. She is also wearing a pair of black leather platform Doc Martens and a large pair of black sunglasses, because she is a cool celebrity, after all. 

The caption to Kate Beckinsale’s picture on Instagram reads “Waiting for Leo season” (plus a lion emoji. She will not have to wait long, as the Zodiac house of Leo begins on on July 23. Kate Beckinsale herself was born on July 26, putting her just barely past the Cancer cusp; while we will not draw any direct lines between the famous Leo trait of loving to be in the spotlight and the actor’s love of goofy and/or sexy pics and videos on her social media, you can draw your own conclusions. 

Kate Beckinsale is likely most known to non-Instagram audiences for portraying the vampire assassin Selene in five movies in the Underworld franchise, carrying on the torch of tight black latex outfits for The Matrix. She is also known for her action-oriented roles in the Hugh Jackman monster movie Van Helsing (in which Hugh Jackman’s Vatican monster hitman is implied to be the Archangel Gabriel, because of course he is) and Jolt, a movie in which she has kill bad guys while wearing an electro-shock therapy vest. Never let it be said that Kate Beckinsale is afraid of a high-concept action movie. 

The British actress is currently set to star in the directorial debut of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day; the movie was titled El Tonto at one point but appears to be currently untitled. Kate Beckinsale has also been announced to star in The Prisoner’s Daughter along with Brian Cox; this family drama from director Catherine Hardwicke reportedly follows a tough ex-con attempting to reconnect with his family but finding the sins of his past catching up with him. If that ends up being the movie where Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox finally team up to kick butt together, we will be happy.