Kate Beckinsale Shows Some Skin In New Photo

Kate Beckinsale gets busy showing off her skin in a new, sexy image on social media!

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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English model and actress Kate Beckinsale, best known for her performance in the Underworld film series, 2001’s Pearl Harbor, and 2004’s The Aviator, just posted a picture of herself on social media in a dress that shows some skin. But that’s not the only skin Beckinsale showed; the actress and model is the face of MRVL Skin Solutions, a luxury anti-aging skincare line that launched earlier this year.

Beckinsale shared her photo on Instagram, in which she wears a stunning but revealing green-ish dress. As seen in the photo below, the dress has off-shoulder sleeves with thin straps and a hem that’s sitting right above the ankles, with sheer paneling in the middle that not only compliments her toned physique but also shows off her toned abs. In addition, the actress’ hair was tied in a ponytail to accentuate her skin as it positively glowed in front of the camera. Fans of the actress and even some celebrities like Paris Hilton were astonished by Kate Beckinsale’s look. You can see her photo below.

And while the revealing dress caught the public’s attention, the actress’s highlighted skin was the main focus of the event, as she attended the launch of a new skincare brand, MRVL Skin Solution, which she endorsed. Beckinsale joined the brand after learning about the breakthrough scientific research and ingredients that MRVL Skin uses in its products. In the photo’s captions, Kate wrote that she’s thrilled that the company’s skincare products are finally available on their website, calling for her fans to try “the revolutionary luxury skincare line” that contains Blue Scorpion Peptides.

Though it may sound like the newest fad in the beauty industry, akin to the snake oil practices of “Quantum medicine” from the health branch, MRVL Skin Solutions might be onto something when it comes to Blue Scorpion peptides. The venom of blue scorpion, or Rhopalurus junceus, originated from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and isn’t lethal to humans (provided that you’re stung by fewer than 70-100 scorpions). The venom has cytotoxic effects on tumor cells, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

According to MRVL Skin founder and CEO Rick Langley, Beckinsale was the perfect choice for the company, and the brand is thrilled to partner up with the actress, calling her “the embodiment and timeless beauty.” Not to mention her wonderful sense of humor, intelligence, and kindness, which, at least according to Langley, made her the perfect choice for the MRVL Skin Solutions ambassador.

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Kate Beckinsale is an award-winning actress (The Last Days of Disco, Love & Friendship, Farming) whose career spans decades. The star of the Underworld dark-fantasy action-horror series also expressed that she’d love the chance at the opportunity to join forces with another vampire hunter on the silver screen. While no such project is in active development, Beckinsale mentioned a crossover appearance in the Blade franchise. Perhaps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rebooting of Blade, starring Mahershala Ali as the titular vampire hunter.