See Kate Beckinsale Pose In A Sheer Dress On Her Washing Machine

We may know the secret to how actress Kate Beckinsale keeps her washboard abs as perfectly chiseled as ever at 48-yeards-old.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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We may know the secret to how actress Kate Beckinsale keeps her washboard abs as perfectly chiseled as ever at 48-yeards-old. The Underworld actress recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram showcasing her beauty in a sheer black dress. As for those washboard abs, the actress snapped the viral photo from atop her washing machine. If only we knew that this was the trick to get a flat tummy!

See the house-cleaning action below!

While she’s no Karshadian, Kate Beckinsale has proven time and time again that she can keep up with the best of the best on the social media game through her openly flirtatious, body-positive, quippy posts. This time around, the English native shared the photo with a caption reading, “Always good to complete at least a woolen cycle before leaving the house.” Ever one to perfectly play on words, the actress impressed the world with her peculiar get-up on laundry day. Receiving over 162 thousand likes and nearly 2500 comments, the internet went wild over the image. Celebrities like Quest Love and Paris Hilton showed love for the actress through emojis, and the comments section was chock full of sweaty face and fire emojis from fans crooning over the actress.

Kate Beckinsale’s get-up for laundry day wasn’t quite what you would expect. Dressed to the nines, Kate flaunted her figure. Posing on top of the laundry machine, Kate wore a long sleeve mini dress, draped with a long tulle train. In sheer black, the dress was decorated with white animal prints. With hair and makeup on point, the real catch of the picture was Kate’s toned, long legs, which she casually draped across the counter. To top off the luxurious cleaning day look, the Total Recall actress fashioned her feet in uncomfortably tall black heels. 

As outlandish as the scenario might seem, longtime followers of Kate Beckinsale’s social media will certainly understand the comedy in the photo and realize that Kate likely doesn’t get dolled up just to do chores. However, the starlet has no issue sharing both her beguiling side and her sexy side. Kate often takes to Instagram to show off her toned legs, as she should if she wants to.  After all, the actress does follow a vigorous workout that lands her six days in the gym with her personal trainer, Brad Siskind. According to Brad, Kate’s “unstoppable” in the gym.

But as much as fans love for Kate Beckinsale to share photos of herself, they might actually enjoy the posts of her viral cats even more. One user even commented on the felines’ absence from the washing machine photo, saying “Wow taking Willow’s spot”. The other stars on her social media, her Persian cats named Clive and Willow, were nowhere to be seen this time around, but the animated pets are often the brunt of her videos and jokes.

Other than catching up on housework, Kate Beckinsale has been keeping busy behind another camera as well. Last year, the actress starred in the action-comedy Jolt, alongside Laverne Cox, Stanley Tucci, Bobby Cannavale, and Jai Courtney. Similarly, 2021 saw Kate act as an executive producer for the dark comedy series Guilty Party.