Kanye West Could Be Charged With Election Fraud In His Campaign For President

It makes sense giving Kanye West's controversial nature that he is now running for president.

By Sofia Yang | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Kanye West For President

It makes sense giving Kanye West’s controversial nature that he is now running for president. That’s right, Kanye West is running for president. Or at least he seems to be. He threw his hat into the ring by issuing this tweet on Independence Day…

He has since put together an official platform which reads as follows…

  1. Restore faith and revive our Constitutional commitment to freedom of religion and the free exercise of one’s faith, demonstrated by restoring prayer in the classroom including spiritual foundations.
  2. Restore the sound national economy. Reduce household debt and student loan debt.
  3. Provide leadership to restructure our country’s education system to serve the most at-risk and vulnerable populations allowing the widest possible range of educational and vocational paths to job opportunities and career success.
  4. Maintain a strong national defense, fully prepared, but not so quick to tie up our country’s young men and women in foreign quagmires that do not advance our national interest, and which last for decades.
  5. Reform the legal system to provide true justice, equitable for all citizens, regardless of race or ability to defend oneself in court. Recognize the disparity in verdicts and prison sentences, caused by the lack of financial resources or legal assistance.
  6. Reform the approach to policing in a manner that treats all Americans the same, regardless of race, color, or ethnicity. Refocus police forces on real crime. Eliminate federal sentencing guidelines that tie the hands of judges, resulting in ridiculous sentences for the most minor offenses.
  7. Take care of the environment, diligently pursuing clean air and water as a national security priority and making renewables top priority.
  8. Ensure that we always place Americans’ best interest first and foremost in dealing with foreign affairs. We must project strength, not aggression. We want trust, but we must also verify. We want fair trade, not one-sided deals that hurt American workers.
  9. Support faith-based groups to provide vital local services, giving communities a shared purpose in government.
  10. Creativity and the Arts can be an important source of innovation and development of other national strengths and resources.

Election Fraud Accusations

So far Kanye West has only managed to get on the ballot in Oklahoma. He was close to getting on in other states where he got thousands of signatures on his petition. One problem though: He’s now being accused of faking some of those signatures.

Elections attorney Scott Salmon tells Vanity Fair that he believes hundreds of the signatures on his New Jersey petition are extremely suspicious. They list no last name, no municipality, and many of the people on it aren’t registered voters or even residents of the state.

As a result, Kanye West’s campaign withdrew their New Jersey petition a few hours before a hearing to determine its validity. Salmon says, “I am glad to see the Kanye campaign has realized that their petition was not going to survive here. It was so clearly deficient that it wasn’t even worth defending. I think that’s the main takeaway here. I wish it wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

Going further a New York Times report now claims that Republican operatives may have been helping West’s campaign to get on some of these ballots, and in specific they say he’d hired Mark Jacoby to work for him in Ohio, West Virginia, and Arkansas. Jacoby has in the past plead guilty to committing voter fraud.

So far no official charges of voter fraud have been filed against Kanye West or his campaign.

Pledging To Vote Kanye West For President

Kanye West has launched a website where he asks people to pledge their vote to him. The surprising thing is, that despite his strange and probably unstable behavior recently, people are doing it. And they’re doing it in huge numbers.

The website KanyePledge.org has only been up a few hours but as of this writing 113,000 people have pledged to vote for him.

The website, which is filled with profanity, is clearly not targeted at the average voter. Instead it’s targeted at people who are fed up.

Taking the Kanye pledge means you promise: “I won’t vote for a racist. I won’t vote for someone accused of sexual assault. I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils. I won’t vote for Trump or Biden.”

It’s possible that many of the people taking this pledge are doing so as a joke, just like it’s possible that this whole Kanye for President thing is a joke. But that’s seeming increasingly unlikely. Most of the people pledging are using what appears to be real names. Maybe they really will vote for Kanye. If they do, they’ll have to add him as a write-in candidate since he won’t be on the November ballot in most states.

Freaking Out On The Campaign Trail


Earlier in the week of July 19 Kanye West started openly weeping in front of a campaign crowd while talking about the fact that his Mom nearly aborted him and he nearly aborted his own daughter, North West.

Then on the evening of July 20th, he started freaking out on Twitter. His Twitter freakout began with this Tweet in which he said everyone was out to get him.

That’s actually not all that crazy, he is running for president and a public figure. Ok it is a little crazy since Get Out is about white people hypnotizing black people to steal their bodies. He could be speaking metaphorically though? But then things rapidly slid downhill to him saying things about his wife.

That tweet has now been deleted but it sounded like Kanye was accusing his wife, Kim Kardashian, of wanting to get his now 7-year-old daughter into Playboy. Or maybe he’s just referring to the fact that Kim’s mom facilitated her career in porn.

There have already been reports that Kim Kardashian is upset with Kanye over his abortion comments and a reference to Harriet Tubman made earlier in the week. But things seem to be really spiralling out of control now.

Kanye followed that up with a series of tweets in which he seemed to be indicating Kim Kardashian was going to fly out to Wyoming (where he is currently) with a doctor in order to have him committed. It’s actually something Kim has been accused of doing to Kanye in the past when he showed an interest in politics.

Is this a publicity ploy or is Kanye West actually losing it? He’s the Andy Kaufman of our time, there’s really no telling.

Is Kanye West Actually Running For President?

Kanye West has confirmed that his tweet about running for president is not a joke. That said, he hasn’t fully decided. He’s given himself a 30-day deadline to make his final decision. After 30 days he’ll no longer be able to get on the presidential ballot in most states. He has already missed the filing deadline in Alabama, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.

In the meantime, he has registered to vote (for the first time in his life) and he posted the following video to help others in doing the same…

But he’s making moves to begin his campaign right now, regardless of whether the decision is final. Kanye West says his presidential running mate will be Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming.

Michelle Tidball

Michelle Tidball lives in Cody, Wyoming where Kanye West owns a ranch and spends a lot of his time. It’s his official state of residence (he even has a Wyoming drivers license). Tidball is 57-years-old and runs a bible study program for “Abundant Ministries”.

The Birthday Party

Kanye West

In a sprawling interview with Forbes, future president Kanye gave details on his plans for the country and for his presidential run. But first he had to address his views on the current president, who he has often supported.

Kanye now says he wore Trump’s red MAGA hat as a protest. He explains, “One of the main reasons I wore the red hat as a protest to the segregation of votes in the Black community. Also, other than the fact that I like Trump hotels and the saxophones in the lobby.”

But he does believe that his current political views align more with Republicans than Democrats. He says he’d be running as a Republican candidate if Trump wasn’t already their choice. Part of his reasoning for this is his aforementioned views on the way votes are being segregated in the black community. He says, “That is a form of racism and white supremacy and white control to say that all Black people need to be Democrat.”

Since Kanye can’t run for president as a Republican he’s forming his own political party called “The Birthday Party”. Yes, that’s actually the name he’s going with. Why call it the Birthday Party? “Because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.”

Kanye believes the Democratic party is holding him and people like him hostage. He says, “All of that information is being charged up on social media platforms by Democrats. And Democrats used to tell me, the same Democrats have threatened me. . . . The reason why this is the first day I registered to vote is because I was scared. I was told that if I voted on Trump my music career would be over. I was threatened into being in one party. I was threatened as a celebrity into being in one party. I was threatened as a Black man into the Democratic party. And that’s what the Democrats are doing, emotionally, to my people. Threatening them to the point where this white man can tell a Black man if you don’t vote for me, you’re not Black.”

Because of that, Kanye has no problem splitting off Democrat votes from Joe Biden with his run for president.

One of Kanye’s key advisors is going to be Elon Musk. Because Musk isn’t a natural born citizen he can’t be Kanye’s VP pick, but West claims the SpaceX founder is giving him guidance.

Musk tweeted this in response to Kanye’s announcement…

And apparently Kanye West and Elon Musk spent a good deal of time together shortly before West announced his candidacy for president…

Kanye West’s Presidential Platform


Kanye West admits he hasn’t had time to put together a comprehensive list of the policies he wants to enact as president, but he is interested in change and in systems which iterate different solutions to find the best ones.

Iterating to find the best solutions sounds like a scientific approach, but Kanye West says he had COVID-19 in February and apparently he believes it’s because God was angry with him. When it comes to the Coronavirus Kanye West says, “We pray. We pray for the freedom. It’s all about God. We need to stop doing things that make God mad.” This is a good time to remind you that Kanye West has started his own church and it’s pretty popular.

Kanye West is seemingly suspicious of all vaccines but sounds specifically suspicious of any potential Coronavirus vaccine. West calls vaccines “the mark of the beast.” He has a similar God vs. Devil view of Planned Parenthood saying “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”

As for how a Kanye West’s Presidential White House would work, look no further than the Marvel movie Black Panther. Kanye claims he’ll model his administration after the fictional country of Wakanda. For those who haven’t seen Black Panther, Wakanda is a secret high-tech monarchy where occasionally the King must battle to the death against a rival in order to get super powers.

All hail our future King Kanye?