Jonathan Majors Guilty After Text Messages Reveal Admission Of Violent Assault?

By TeeJay Small | Updated

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Things have continued to heat up in the Jonathan Majors domestic assault trial, which threatens the prolific actor’s future with companies such as Disney.

According to a recent write-up in People, the Kang The Conqueror actor seemingly admitted to attacking his ex-girlfriend in a series of text messages entered into evidence for the ongoing trial.

Text Messages Revealed

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The texts, which are time and date stamped to have been sent over six months before Majors’ arrest in March of this year, have been displayed to the jury and read on record before the court.

If these messages do indeed confirm acts of physical violence took place between Jonathan Majors and his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, this could establish a long-standing pattern of behavior which tarnishes the reputation and standing of the Marvel actor.

Full Denial

Jonathan Majors and his team have denied any and all allegations of assault, maligning Jabbari and those who support her claims as conjuring false accusations to ruin the budding star’s career.

The text messages in question make plain-language references to Jabbari’s wishes to go to a hospital to get a series of injuries examined, with Majors encouraging her to refrain on the grounds that it could lead to some form of an investigation.

Messages Read In Court

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Jabbari’s messages assure Jonathan Majors that she would not blame him for causing injuries to her head if queried by a doctor, though Majors responds incredulously, failing to believe that she would protect his reputation if she remains unsupervised.

Grace Jabbari attempted to read the text message threads aloud in court herself, but ultimately passed the responsibility to Assistant District Attorney Kelli Galaway after she became hysterical with tears.

While Majors’ legal team initially attempted to have these messages stricken from the record on the grounds that they are not strictly germane to the case at hand, the judge ultimately accepted the texts as Molineux evidence.

Molineux Evidence

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The New York State Court defines Molineux evidence as evidence that demonstrates conduct inextricably woven into the acts charged by the pending legal case.

Such is to say, if Majors was responsible for physically harming Jabbari in September of 2022 and openly staging a coverup from medical professionals to protect his public image, it stands to reason that he would perform the same violent acts in March of 2023 for which he is accused.

Additional Threats

The text conversation continued to escalate until Jonathan Majors threatened to commit suicide if Jabbari did go to a hospital for her head injury.

Jabbari ultimately did seek medical attention for her injury, though she reportedly told doctors that she did not recall the origin of her head trauma.

When prompted to speak on the incident in court, Jabbari elucidated that her September injuries were in fact, due to physical violence from Jonathan Majors, revealing to the court that she chose not to report him for fear of retaliation.

Assault In The Third Degree

Jonathan Majors currently faces charges of assault in the third degree with intent to cause physical injury, aggravated harassment in the second degree, assault in the third degree recklessly causing physical injury, and harassment in the second degree.

While none of these charges have been convicted at this time, things are certainly not looking good for the Creed 3 actor following the reveal of these salacious messages.