John McAfee Commits Suicide In Jail After Saying If He “Commits Suicide” It Is Murder

John McAfee has been found dead. Was is suicide? His tweets claim differently.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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John McAfee appears to have killed himself in a Barcelona prison. He was 75 years old. His suicide follows a long run in the Spanish prison system. In October 2020, he posted to his Twitter account, saying that he was quite happy in prison, and that if he were to wind up dead in an apparent suicide in prison, that he didn’t do it.

See the tweet from John McAfee below.

While these posts make it look like someone killed John McAfee, it’s fair to say that there were new circumstances that may have motivated him to end his life. Hours before his death, his extradition to the United States had just been approved. The United States government wanted McAfee for tax evasion. This was not the only charge the US had made against him. Following his Showtime documentary, John McAfee became better known to the public as a possible rapist and murderer.

Also of note, the tweet from October 2020 was only posted shortly after his arrest in Barcelona at an airport. When John McAfee said he was doing well in prison, he hadn’t been there long. People who have been in prison often report that their perception of the experience changes with time. We don’t know what McAfee’s mindset was at the time that he heard about the extradition, or what his take was on this news.

Attempts to resuscitate John McAfee were unsuccessful. A medical examiner has been on the scene to investigate his death. A statement has said that everything so far indicates that his death was a suicide.

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John McAfee was a British-American. He was a software programmer. The McAfee name was most well-known for the McAfee anti-virus software, before the Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee documentary shed more light on the man’s personal life. That documentary brought many possible allegations to light about his behavior. It also focused heavily on his persona, which leaned hard into a “macho” appearance. He is often seen topless, carrying around guns, and saying things that would build up a macho persona for himself. This falls in line with tweeting that his time in prison was great. “All is well, I am a tough man”. Meanwhile, studies have shown that “macho” men are more likely to end their own lives. Construction workers suffer from mental illness at high rates. Men are at a high risk for suicide, but especially when they’re in a situation where they’re expected to perform in a more macho manner.

Professionally, John McAfee was known as a programmer, a businessman, and a supporter of cryptocurrencies. Many of the things he supported, however, were also brought into legal troubles. His experiences in the crypto market was one of those things. He allegedly had a “Pump and dump” crypto scheme that got him into major legal trouble in New York state. His Twitter account was a big part of this scheme, which made his team millions.

While the Spanish authorities are still investigating the death of John McAfee, all signs at this time point to suicide. However, it’s likely that there will always be questions raised about the cause of death, which is likely how McAfee would have wanted it.