JK Rowling Being Cancelled Again For New Transgender Comments

This is far from the first time JK Rowling has shared her thoughts on the trans community. Her most recent tweet regarding the matter addresses the Scotland Police Department.

By Douglas Helm | Published

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It looks like JK Rowling is in hot water again over her social media comments. JK Rowling, known best as the author behind the insanely popular Harry Potter series, has stirred up controversy on Twitter by doubling down on her stance on the trans community. According to many, including Dave Chappelle, Rowling is what is known as a TERF, or trans exclusionary radical feminist. In simple terms, this is a feminist that doesn’t consider trans women to be women.

This is far from the first time JK Rowling has shared her thoughts on the trans community. Her most recent tweet regarding the matter addresses the Scotland Police Department’s decision to log rapes as being carried out by a woman if the accused person identifies as such. Identifying their gender based on what they say is a new policy, whereas in the past gender was more commonly identified by their genitals. In her Tweet, Rowling quotes the George Orwell novel 1984 before adding her own thoughts. Check out the Tweet below:

JK Rowling’s tweet focuses on the gender of a rapist. Some are upset that she focuses on men being rapists. Women are also capable of rape, so whether or not the accused person identifies as a woman, they’ll still be charged with the crime of rape if they’re found guilty. However, the bigger focal point in her tweet is where she alleges that having a penis makes someone a man without question. This denies the experience of many transgender people.

As with any controversial topic, there has been tons of debate and discourse following JK Rowling’s tweet. Tensions are high on social media surrounding the author. Especially because reports show that the trans community often faces disproportionate levels of violence. Many claim that these sorts of comments contribute to that violence.

Unfortunately, when someone is as high-profile as JK Rowling, controversy attracts all kinds of bad actors. Those who disagree with Rowling have crossed many lines in the past. Disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean that people should be threatening or attempting to doxx someone, even someone with a high profile. According to Rowling, since she has made her opinions on the trans community known, she has received death threats. You can see her tweet about them here:

Of course, there are plenty of rational activists who oppose JK Rowling online peacefully rather than through threats of violence. jourdain searles expressed their take in the tweet below:


In this tweet, the person points out that they feel JK Rowling often only gets involved in hot-button feminist discourse if the topic is trans-specific:


This tweet from popular YoTtube music reviewer Anthony Fantano points out JK Rowling’s alleged transphobia alongside the fact that according to Marilyn Manson, she sent the alleged sexual abuser flowers:


And as always, there are plenty of memes on the issue:

JK Rowling isn’t likely to stop tweeting about these issues anytime soon. People online aren’t likely to stop talking about it. For now, it seems that the controversy will continue.