See Jennifer Lopez Twirl In An Open Silk Robe

She knows how to ring in the summer!

By Dan Lawrence | Published

jennifer lopez

“Summer mode: Activated.” Those are the words of Jennifer Lopez, as the actress/singer took to Instagram to wow her followers with a stunning new post. Lopez has proved yet again age is just a number as she has shared a series of snaps where she twirls her flawless figure wearing an open silk robe and black bikini.

Page Six reports that Jennifer Lopez, 52, paired her outfit with Versace sunglasses costing in advance of $400 and a pair of $60 4-inch high-heels from her very own shoe brand. The series of photos (which you can see below), is accompanied by a video where J.Lo twirls around in her silk robe, providing further evidence that Lopez is an ageless beauty. Earlier this year, Lopez partnered with Dolce & Gabanna for a series of incredible lingerie photos. The lingerie shoot, along with J.Lo’s latest bikini snaps, shows off a stunning figure that is down to an intense workout regime, eating whole foods, but more importantly having a healthy balance, according to Cosmopolitan. The benefits of Jennifer Lopez’s healthy lifestyle are clear for all to see.

It’s no wonder that Jennifer Lopez has 210 million followers on Instagram, such is the rarified beauty on display in her posts. However, it is important to remember that Jennifer Lopez is far more than a social media presence. Lopez, or J.Lo as she is often known is a bonafide pop superstar and talented actress to boot. Lopez’s music career started with a bang with the Billboard Chat topping “If You Had My Love” and the Latin star, according to Daily MusicRoll, has gone on to sell more than 70 million albums worldwide. Her music career launched off the back of Lopez’s rise in the world of film with popular works such as the biopic Selena making Lopez the highest-paid Latin actress at the time.

Jennifer Lopez is still forging an incredible career to this day. Already 2022 has proved a busy year for the Hollywood and Pop superstar. Lopez starred alongside Owen Wilson in Marry Me earlier this year and on June 14 the Netflix documentary Halftime will allow fans to get a behind the scenes look at how Lopez brought about her sensational career. As well as a busy year in the workplace, 2022 is also proving to be an eventful year in Jennifer Lopez’s personal life, as in April it was reported that she is engaged to be married to Ben Affleck.

In summary, Jennifer Lopez is a superstar in more ways than one. A singer, an actress, a fitness guru and a flawless stunner. Fans of J.Lo are never in short supply of creative content or stunning photos and given that in this latest incredible post Lopez has declared that her summer mode has been activated, it is more than likely that the Instagram posts will be coming in readily and they are sure to turn plenty of heads and perhaps cause a smidge of envy as well. With a figure like J.Lo’s, an engagement and a big Netflix documentary on the way, it is no surprise that Lopez is making the most of it.